Transistor - new game from Supergiant Games


Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin tweeted the trailer for their new game:

GameSpot demo with Greg Kasavin:

Looks really good. You can find more information on the Transistor page (thanks Specs!)

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ARRGH King9999 you beat me to it!

Anywho, the game’s site:

Bastion rocks. Hopefully Transistor will as well.


The Transistor page has been updated with a wallpaper (1920 x 1080). And you can get a postcard if you’re going to PAX.


I was on their website yesterday seeing if they were working on anything else. I just played Bastion earlier this year, loved it. The trailer looks good, seems like there are some big similarities between Bastion and Transistor gameplay (with a dash of 2D), art and music.

Either way I’m excited


Bastion is probably in my top 10 favorite games, it shows you can make a great ARPG without having to make it a loot grind. Transistor looks like a sci fi Bastion and I’m totally cool with that but I don’t like the art style as much as Bastion, maybe it’ll grow on me as more is revealed though.

@ 46 Seconds looks like we’re getting some platforming maybe? kind of reminds me of a better looking El Shaddai.


Took me a while to get around to playing Bastion. Won’t make that mistake here, day ONE purchase.


looks pretty damn fun


I’ve been slacking on Bastion because I felt it was mad boring. Plus I was playing on keyboard.

Now that I have a pad, I’ll give it another shot and see how it goes.

edit: Wasn’t Greg Kasavin a Gamestop reviewer? He quit and got into game development, huh? Good for him.

  1. Female vocalist from Bastion is back :tup:
  2. Logan Cunningham is back, which is cool because I know he is friends with the game’s developers. I hope he does his best to try to sound less like Rucks, which is think he is doing in that trailer to a certain extent.
  3. As a programmer I love the names of the attacks being called functions and having “()” at the end of their names really drives the technology part of the sci-fi home


Yeah, I caught that too. I thought that was a cool touch. The weapon itself looks like a circuit board, complete with the gold connectors.

Here’s GameSpot’s demo of the game with Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin providing the rundown:


I thought so too, I was wondering if I was crazy or not but yeah I’m glad to see he was able to transition from journalist to dev.


Greg *was *GameSpot before he left.


PAX footage is very impressive, and I’m glad to hear the matrix mode can’t be abused. I love the art style even more now, to clarify my earlier complaint which still somewhat stands it just looks too muchlike Bioshock and not cyberpunk enough. Although it’s now understandable why since Supergiant want to create their own artistic style and not copy well established cyberpunk visuals.


I wish the camera wasn’t pulled back so far.

It looks cool tho. I liked Bastion.


Gamespot, Gamestop. Very easy typo. You know what I meant


Not coming out until 2014? My hype just went flaccid.

I hope it’s longer than Bastion though.


Exactly this… In every aspect.


Looks ill


Wow a year ago…

Posted on Steam. Release date set for 5/20. Woop woop


Game looks dope as fuck.

p.s. I think Bastion was the perfect length.