Transition problems

After about a month of playing MvC 3, I’ve come across some a few things that I just cant get the hang of.

1 : What exactly do I to punish pressure ( Wolverine for example )? Coming from SSFIV, all moves just seems 20x times more faster, and I cant really see any recovery frames that I could punish. Whats up? :stuck_out_tongue:

2 : Is Sentinel really that overpowered or am I missing something?

3 : Somewhat related to the first question ; What exactly am I suppose to do for mix ups, I just feel like encounters are just mashing for one hit into team combos and hyper shenanigans.

4 : Am I just too slow?

Overall I just feel like I’m trying to catch bullets with my bare hands while running away from a car.

Ask here Basics thread.
Pressure with your own pressure, pushblock, don’t look for punishes - you can’t turtle and win save for a really good keepaway team.
Blocking every other time is always a good option, but you have to go on the offensive.

EDIT: Don’t look for punishes meaning punish bad patterns of play, not specific moves. Lots of things are safe on block in this game so you need to find other (arguably more offensive) ways of dealing damage.

  1. Try pushblocking and throwing him more.

  2. [media=youtube]vybIP-DBQio[/media]

  3. Crossups, overheads, resets, throws, baits, assist pressure, etc.

  4. Yesh. Keep practicing and you will adjust. Speed up your execution and you will perform faster as well.

Yup, indeed.