Transition to stick- my difficulites

I’ve recently purchased a new Tournament Edition round 2 fight stick.

It looks great. The problem is, I suck ass with it. Here are my problems:

  • I cant seem to dash properly, or at all. Its difficult.

-When Im on the right side of the screen, I cant do any specials. Its too difficult.

-Whenever I’m ryu and I try to do my Ultra, I end up doing an EX Shoryuken. I’m 100% positive im doing the motions right.

Often when Im trying to do moves, I jiggle the stick too much and spaz out. It seems like when im trying to Kara cancel in moves, the stick makes this a strenuous task.

Any tips? I know this stick will take some practice, and i’m accepting tips.

Yeah, my only advice is it will seem different and weird at first, but you will get used to using a stick. Just hit up practice mode and keep using it until it becomes natural. QCF’s need to be more pronounced to avoid getting a shortcut SRK to come out.

What is an easy solution do performing my ultra/super fast? At times I dont have time to go slowly with that, it needs to be automatic, and it can’t be an EX Shoryuken.

Are there any good guides to getting used to this?

in addition to what physziks said, with ur ultra make sure ur stick goes back to its neutral position after every QCF so that you dont accidently to a shoryuken

Oh, so you mean when I do QCFx2, I should just let go of the stick back to the center?

Between the first and second QCF motion the stick should return to neutral.

Also, try turning on the input display in training mode to view the inputs of your directions and see where you are going wrong.

I had the exact same problems when I bought my SE last year. All it takes is practice and definitely a lot of patience.

yes, wait for the stick to return to center after each qcf. This is a good practice btw, it’ll help you with other games too

and also, don’t ride the gate.

the main thing is to become comfortable holding the stick so that you can use it on either side.

almost everyone holds the stick differently. I personally hold the balltop between my thumb and index finger. Some people hold the shaft between their fingers, holding the stick like a wineglass. I only recommend against making a fist over the stick, because then you’ll have to make wild movements using your arm, and you may get fatigued.
Try to confine the movements you make with the joystick to your fingers and wrist

other than that, just keep practicing using the stick It’s not something you’ll get used to overnight.

What do you mean “don’t ride the gate”?

Just don’t run along it for the entire motion. For example, for QCF motions, don’t run along the bottom until you get to a corner, and then try to run up to the middle. Just make a slight motion that is just enough to hit the switches.

Hey go to training mode and put inputs on Im pretty sure your hittinh the three corners during the down right position(if your on the first side) its gotta be eiher during right or or even upper corner. Just watch the inputs ull be fine.

yeah just make sure u got back to the center or else the system wont read it as a qcf

Having trouble with the 2P side? Practice on the 2P side.

Turn your inputs on to see if you truly are hitting the correct inputs.

I’m having trouble kara cancelling. Does anyone have any advice?

IMO I’d practice execution of specials and supers/ultras and dashing before worrying about FADC and Kara cancelling etc etc… For me atleast once I got my execution decent the other advanced techniques followed right behind it. Took me about a month to make a full transition to stick from pad and still working on bettering my execution. I did a lot of trainning in the challenge modes.

I agree with what’s been said before.
-Don’t ride the gates
-Go to training mode with inputs on to see what directions you’re actually hitting, etc.

I’d also suggest looking up videos on how people hold their sticks. Here is how I do it (Disclaimer: I have no idea how “pro” this is but it works alright for me):
I hold the balltop like a pencil. My wrist is mostly but not completely upright, and often rests on the stick’s template surface. I keep the stick between my middle and ring fingers but I don’t apply any pressure there; those fingers stay relaxed. The left part of the balltop is at the base of my index finger (the upper part of the palm). My thumb wraps around loosely around the balltop with the tip resting at the right part of the balltop. I wrap my index finger around the top of the ball but I don’t apply that much pressure. I’m usually gripping the balltop with my thumb and index finger (with the base of the index finger anchoring the left side), but I grip it pretty loosely.

I generally make movements by “pushing” rather than “pulling”. ie, I use the base of the index finger (upper part of palm) to push the stick right, the tip of the index finger to push the stick down, the thumb to push the stick right, and the lower part of the thumb to push the stick up. I usually keep a (loose) grip on the entire stick at all times, but only part of my hand pushes the stick. I find that by “pushing” rather than pulling, I’m making small twists with my wrist rather than moving around my entire hand. It minimizes movement. ie, to move right, I twist my wrist in clockwise direction and that pushes the stick to the right.

I found that has helped me with dashing because the minimal movement is easier to do quickly.

I think it’ll help for double quarter circles if you think about it this way:

Draw a little circle from in the bottom quarter of the joystick. A little circle would take you from down, to down-forward, to forward, and back to neutral. Do that twice and you’ve got your double QC.

I just got my dual mod TE finished today and this is the second stick I’ve ever played on. I played on a HRAP3 SA for about 10 minutes and hated it (big hands, no palm space). Everything these people say is true. Try to do fluid motions. I don’t really think it’s too big of a deal if you hit the gate on cardinal directions or for charges, but try to keep your circle motions fluid. Also, it would be good to just practice doing the same move over and over in training until you’re throwing hadokens with your spoon in your breakfast cereal.

i transition to stick a year ago and what helped me was like they said, just practice over and over and over. and then practice in arcade 1p mode for execution duriong a match. youll just have to keep at it and you will get it down, there is no shortcut to learning joystick, its just a natural feeling thing once you get used to it

I’m not trying to pretend-mod here, but tech talk is really not the correct forum for these questions.

What I’m trying to say is that you will get MUCH more feedback if this thread was properly placed in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo.

As for your problems, this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but the truth is that every problem you are having will be solved once you have done every motion you are struggling with, about 10,000 times.

And no, I am not kidding on that number.

The biggest issue people have when switching from pad or KB to a stick is they want to be able to do on the stick what they used to be able to do on the previous controller.
Sadly, that doesn’t work. Look at it as rehab. You have to re-learn how to walk and you have to do it from scratch. Yes, you were able to dash 100m in 12 seconds in the past.
But that was with the old legs.
Forget what you know. Forget Kara, Ultras…forget fighting online TBH. It’ll take a week to get into comfort zone and about a month to stop thinking about the stick. Once you reach that point, it’s time to do Kara motions, Funky cancels, etc. As long as you know there is a stick in your hand and not an extension to your brain and hand, you’re not there yet.

Also, you can NOT cheat! Don’t touch that Pad! (or whatever you used).
Yeah it’s easier then the stick right now…it’s tempting. Fact is though, every time you pick it up, you’re erasing away that muscle memory that you’re freshly trying to acquire.

Good luck