Transitioning from 15th Anniversary Stick to TE Stick


So I’m looking for advice from people with a lot of experience with different styles of sticks. I have a lot of time in with my 15th anniversary edition arcade stick and I grew really used to it. Now that I’ve got a T.E. stick for 360, the differences are throwing me off a little bit. The 4 major differences I’ve noticed are:

1. Button sensitivity. (Holy shit, did I look at the button too hard? Is my T.E. stick precognitive? Those buttons are F’ing sensitive.)

I got used to having my fingers gently resting on the buttons I was intending to press… I’ve actually startled myself with this thing because my guy started doing moves I only just thought about. Where do you put your hands on this stick when you aren’t pushing the button? Do you just keep your hand completely in the air? Do you put more weight on your wrist? There’s got to be a ready / rest position that isn’t going to set off the buttons accidentally.

2. Japanese vs. American Style

I figure this is something I’ll just have to get used to… it hasn’t thrown me off nearly as much as I thought… but I am more used to the American style. How many of you use the 3 right most columns of buttons exclusively and ignore the default lp and lk buttons?

3. Ball Top vs. Bat Top

This has turned out to be much less of a big deal than I expected it to be. I know a lot of people are really opinionated on this matter, but for me it doesn’t seem to matter much. Is there a better way to grip the ball top in order to have optimum control? I don’t so much like that it spins but whatever.

4. Round Gate vs. Square Gate (I believe the term is “gate” - if it’s not someone please correct me… anybody familiar with both sticks will know what I’m talking about.)

This one is killing me. I had horrendous input failures with Blanka because my :r::l::r: actually was coming out as :df::db::df:. I am so used to working with a circle. When you have a circle and you’re pressing :l: , it doesn’t slide up or down because then you wouldn’t be as far left as you can go. Not the case on the T.E. stick. My :l: wants to slide either :ub: or :db: my :d: keeps trying to slide :db: or :df:, etc… This stick wants to be in a corner… or at least that’s really how it feels right now. I’m back to accidental jumping FFS. I think the answer to this problem has something to do with position. Should I be more above the stick rather than behind it? Something about how you have to maneuver the T.E. stick versus the 15th Anniversary stick is just way different because of this but I can’t figure out what it is.

I’ve already done something with the T.E. stick I could never do with the fightpad… and I know I’m going to love my T.E. stick once I get proficient with it, but my stick experience is with a stick that is pretty different and so if someone could articulate some of the changes in play style I need to make I would find that pretty useful. Thank you.


Seimitsu buttons will fix this if you can’t get over it. You can actually rest your fingers on them.

You can go either way on this. You might as well use the closer six since that’s how it was intended to be used.

You can get a bat top for a few dollars if the ball annoys you. Give it a chance and you’ll get used to it. It’s not a big of a transition as the ‘looseness’ and gate issues you’ll need to get over.

Gate is the right term. It’s all just a matter of preference like ball versus bat. Buy an octagonal gate for 5 dollars and give it a try. It feels less restrictive in my opinion but I stuck with square after trying both.


Thanks for the feedback, Kyle. I’ve only used my T.E. stick for a few hours yet but if I’m really hating on it after a month or so I’ll look into some of those parts your recommended. :slight_smile:

I assume an Octagonal gate would correct the :l::r::u::d: sliding issues I’m having. When I read that the T.E. had a square gate I assumed that the “corners” of the gate would be the cardinal directions and not the diagonals. Do they even make square gates that are oriented that way or are all square gates oriented the way the T.E. stick is?


im going through the same thing pretty much…but what im gonna do is buy another spring and makes the stick stiffer. the button sensitivity was throwing me off at first but now i really like it. the loose jap sticks take a little while to transition to. i already installed a bat top because i just cant play with that little ball…im gonna try and get my hands on a ls-33 because i hear they are like the middle ground between happ and sanwa…


Are you playing this game for SFIV?

I’ve been going back n forth from Jap to US & i notice i really like the buttons more for the Japs…As for the stick, SFIV sanwas works better for me, while Happs works better for ST remix…

I haven’t tried Seimitsu yet, sounds like its in between…I’ll be getting it soon once LL ships it out…


Elipsis, as far as I know there are no “diamond gates” making the corners the cardinal directions.

I had the same trouble with charge supers when I started using a Japanese stick; the looseness of it threw me off. I got much better once I really got the hang of knowing when the stick is registering only to the left or right. Try practicing by having your character walk only forward, no crouching or jumping at all, and try to get a feel for how the stick is positioned when you’re doing it right. Then, quickly move the character backward and see if they crouch or jump. If they do you’re finding the corners, which you don’t want.

It takes some precision work and time, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be busting out Bison supers and Blanka ultras left and right. Hope that helps.


I thought an octagonal gate would help me, but it’s been more annoying than the square gate imo. I find hitting the diagonals to be a little harder, as I have to pretty much make sure the stick is in the notch. I’ll probably be swapping the square gate back in soon.


Hmm, seems like a lot of people in my position (American stick experience) have tried the Octagonal gate and didn’t like it.

Reading over the stickies I figured out that the TE stick is a JLF and the part for said Octagonal plate is GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate.

What about circular gates for the TE stick? I didn’t see a Sanwa JLF series circular gate mentioned anywhere on that site, only JLW.


Pretty sure there’s not a circular gate for the JLF. I’m primarily an American stick user and I liked the square gate better. Just keep on practicing with it and you’ll get used to it.