Transitioning from SF4 to SFxT

Let’s list things to look out for when switxhing from sf4 to sfxt

  1. Air to air normals > anti air normals.
  2. Regular throws were 3f in SF4. They are 7f in SFxT
  1. sudden urge to back to sf4

You’d think so, until you actually try to play SF4 again. “Boring” is putting it lightly.

SF4 has always been boring, that’s not new. It really didn’t help when MvC3 and KoF13 came out.

… So any of you Street Fighter folks actually interested in checking out the Tekken series out after this cross over? Hopefully none of you guys are too dissapointed when you find out things like the real Steve Fox not having a Gadouken or shit like that.

I am interested in seeing how/if they will implement projectiles in the Tekken series

waiting for the game to arrive to my house. I think the biggest challenge will be learning when to do the chain combos and when to do regular combos. I think implementing alpha counters will be tough as well since I never played 3rd strike.

did you mean street fighter alpha?

One thing is for sure, I will be playing my SFxT team in TTT2 instead of using them one at a time! lol

lol pretty apparent I didn’t play that one either i guess

emulate alpha 2 and 3. they both play very different from each other but both were highly touted in their time. you will not be disappointed.