Transitioning from SF4 to SFxT


Is it just me or is this game really laggy? I’m not just talking about the HORRIBLE connection online (I’ve played it on all platforms), but offline the input detection is stupid. The delay between actually doing an input and the on-screen result is laughable. The game feels like it’s running at 30 frames per second rather than 60, and matches online either go to time-out or to combos which last a good 20 seconds where you are just spectating your character get juggled. And the links are also stupid. You’re almost forced to use only special moves and cross rush since Street Fighter IV style links are practically non-existent (even in trials mode). I think this game has some really good things going for it but if you’ve played Street Fighter IV it’s practically impossible to play this game due to the delay and generally lower quality. The game’s mechanics aren’t as solid either. Rant over.

TL;DR: Why is this game so hard to play? It’s meant to be accommodating for players of all skill levels, yet it seems like the complete opposite. You can’t play strategically like in SF4 - no footsies - only infinite combos which are easy to do and boring to watch.


Its 60 frames a second and online uses rollback instead of input delay.


And here I was thinking that a beginner is asking a honest question. Oh well moving on. Nothing to see here.


Horrible connection? Hard to play? I beg to differ, unless you’re finding 2 or 1 bar connections then it’s going to be quite bad (although I have played a few 2 bar matches and they were actually alright) No footsies? This game is great for that concept. You can’t play it like SF4 though, you will get destroyed quickly


This is the bad case scenario of what can happen when people start with SF4. They can only play SF4 and they think every other game is doing it wrong.


He is a troll and this is a frame trap + hard knockdown into vortex.


Don’t worry, we got option selects for days


No footsies, no links, horrible online, infinite combo’s?!?

You sure you played SFxT?


That’s been my experience on PS3 and PC. I really wanted to like the game but it’s unplayable at the moment


PC I can understand, the netcode did NOT transition well to PC and generally results in unplayable matches 60% of the time regardless of what the bars say.

PSN… as long as you’re NOT playing:
-people from brazil
-people on Vita’s
-people below a constant 3-bar connection

then you should have 0 lag issues.

…Infinite combos? No, those were ALL removed a LONG time ago. If you’re just complaining because of damage output well, this is SFxT where getting punished usually means you’re losing 40~60% of your health at minimum depending on the team. Welcome to hell >:)

no links? thats like saying sf4 ibuki has no links just because TC4 exists. Just because nina can chain: lp xx mp xx hp xx launcher doesn’t mean her mp > mp > xx special link isn’t far superior.

Regarding footsies, a LOT of people online gravitate towards characters that have strong jumping hitboxes that are difficult to AA without some form of invulnerbility so I can see how you might consider SFxT to not have a grounded fundamentals aspect if your only games thus-far have been against randoms online. But once you get the hang of blowing up the jump happy crowd and realize that every random and their mother is going to wakeup cr.lp along with other equally stupid shit, it’s pretty easy to bypass all the fraudulant bs while trying to find people who know what they’re doing.

TL:DR- sounds like you’ve only played on PC, or on PSN against people who don’t understand the game and just do stuff. Find some players who know whats up that you have a good connection with and do endless sets.


Thanks for understanding and the advice. But it still doesn’t explain the input issues. Maybe it’s just me, but regardless of what platform or controller I use (even on Xbox 360), everything seems to have a delay, and inputs don’t seem to work as fluently as in SF4. For example, it’s much more difficult to diagonal jump on SFxT than in SF4 for some reason. Maybe the game is optimised for fightsticks instead, but given that the game is meant to attract more people into the FGC that’s a really bad idea.


Whats so hard about diagonal jumping?


If you’re holding down-back or just regular blocking and you immediately try to jump forward it always gives me neutral jump. I spend more time doing trials in SF4 than actually playing online and when I got SFxT the one thing I noticed immediately was how inaccurate and delayed the inputs were. Also the fact that in trials it shows button inputs as they are on a fightstick kinda indicates that this game was clearly made for fightstick users.


Can’t believe that I’m falling for the frame trap.
I have been playing this game with a regular 360 pad for almost a year and switched to a 30-ish$ stick a few months ago. Before that I played SSF4 for a year. There was none of that “transitioning”, no input delay offline and no lag online unless I play with people from across the globe. In fact I have a better online experience in SFxT than SF4.

I think it’s either your setup or your imagination.


I don’t know what to tell you here. The game runs the same fighting engine as AE, and to me feels exactly the same. Did you ever have a look into your pad or stick to see if there was an issue with that?


I’ve tried using the same controller in both games and noticed a significant difference in the input delay and infact the actions of the inputs themselves. There is definitely a huge difference in the way inputs work in SFxT compared to SF4 if you’re using a controller.


Might be your monitor (lag)? Do you use a converter for your controller?

I’ve played SSF4 for 2,5 years on PS3/PSN, I can say for 100% that the online experience for that game is inferior compared to SFxT. A 4 bar connection on SFxT is a godsend compared to SSF4. Loads of people can agree on that (rollback ftw!). And the transition for me from controller to stick had no difference at all in terms of input, both had no issues for me for either game.

PC SFxT however does have problems concerning its online experience.


It feels like every other month there is a new thread about how HORRIBLE the online is, no footsies,long combos, etc. then it comes out that said person is playing the PC version and has been playing sf4…you do the math ppl.


If you change the framerate in the ini files to ‘fixed’ (cant change in the menus in SFxT) and you have a good PC, turn off vsync, then there should be absolutely nothing which messes up the online experience on PC other than:

-The other person not doing the same and having bad framerate (in general if you see teleporting on the PC version and its not a connection issue, it is more often than not the other person having a worse PC with settings which are ‘too good’ for it, and its always the one with the better PC who suffers in those conditions unfortunately, I often play people from russia or poland with 4 bar white connections and they teleport all over the screen yet when I ask them they say there way absolutely no lag)
-Internet connection issues (eg: me from hungary playing against someone from philippines with 348kbps net speeds coughhuntermaverickcough :P)

Ive been having matches which are as close as it gets to local play on sfxt pc version, and also had my fair share of awful teleporting matches


Might’ve just been unlucky

I have no performance issues with PC version. It’s the game in general I’m talking about