Transitioning from SSF4 to MvC3: The wakeup game, resets, and maintaining pressure


In SF4, you’d often do an untechable knockdown and mix up the opponent on wakeup. However, it seems to me that the wakeup game in MvC3 is much harder to follow up than in SF4. This is because oftentimes if you hit the opponent you are comboing into a hyper move and you will be in recovery and unable to follow up.

HOWEVER, it seems to me that resets are still easy to follow up in MvC3, as they are in SSF4. therefore, it seems to me that resets are sort of like the new “wakeup” game.

so, if you hit the enemy but you don’t have a combo or don’t want to use a combo that can kill the other character (aka you want to save x factor or meter), but want to maintain pressure (aka, wakeup game mixups in ssf4), is your general strategy going to be going into a reset mixup? it seems to me this is the best way to maintain pressure.