Transitioning from SSFIV AE 2012 to SFxT

What should i change about my play style? I played Evil Ryu in SF, and i’m playing Akuma and King in xT. Whenever i play online i just get bodied lol. I feel like im trying to play it like SF and it’s definitely not working for me.

If you used Akuma’s vortex in SSF4, scrap it.
Fish out weak attacks and be ready to chain them.
Akuma’s hurricane kick is a great move to switch cancel with.
Akuma is also one of the best characters if you need to lame out the end of the round.
Work on finding the most punishing combos Akuma and King can work together

So you think they’re a potentially acceptable team right? i
And ohh i didnt think of switch cancelling his kick. It’ll basically make it safe on block right?

  • Anti-airs have been weaken in this game in flavor of making jump-ins stronger. DPs are no longer reliable AAs are they often trade or be straight out beaten. Normals are the best AAs. Figure out which normal works best as an AA for your character.

  • Chains can be buffered. Keep this in mind when doing footsies.

  • Reversals and grab range have been weaken as well so don’t use them in same capacity as SFIV.

Use overheads in place of grabs.

Yeah I keep getting crossed up over and over into full combos. Should I just try blocking? Poison’s antiair seems to work 1/4 of the time and Hugo gets stuffed if they are close to him with a hitbox out. The really tough people keep mixing up grabs and it’s really overwhelming, not sure how to handle this.

I think you’re right about normals being better than AA, but once its a crossup its really hard to nail it with a normal.

Moves are generally about a frame or two slower. You have to adjust to that at the very least.

no more mash reversals. yay!

it’s almost impossible to reliably beat out / reversal any crossup jumpins (AFAIK)

so far I’ve been having better luck by just avoiding them completely. like slipping in a forward dash (which moves you away from them as they cross over you), or doing a wakeup move which also moves you away.

however, this won’t work once people start getting better at landing deeper / tighter crossups. so you might as well just get used to blocking and dealing with it now.

another strategy that might emerge is blocking the crossup and alpha countering it. but that’s above my current skill level lol

Have you played the game?

i’ve played it since day -6.

Yeah i do feel the jump ins being endorsed with all these changes, but i can see why they did it. Just cuz of the tech rolls and tech ups. I’m just havin a hard time adjusting :frowning: i needa remember that this isn’t SF. And on top of that i havent had much time to play and lab more lol

so far i think the hardest thing with playinf SFxT is trying NOT to play it like SF4. i think once i get over that barrier my game will improve quite a bit.

Thats exactly what i’m thinking haha i think i needa play it more and read up on more dynamics. But it also helps to get tips from people that have already played and looked into the game xD So keep the tips coming!

Tick throw set ups are worthless, I tried to play Bison like SFIV, got hit with 80% law combos…sigh

well i main rog in sf4 and in sfxt … he plays TTOOTTTAALLLLYYY different. it’s just really hard for me to adjust to his new style, although i’ve gotten somewhat there. there are just some VERY simple things I use in sf4 with him that are TOTALLY different in sfxt.

for example, his dash punch. the startup is much slower, with a slight pause before he moves. it also doesn’t go under players, and the jab one doesnt have a ‘full distance’ it travels before it stops. if you use it when the person is jumping over you, you won’t fly under them like in sf4. you will basically stop right where they are in the air when going over you.

also not having hyper armor on his EX overhead. it is virtually useless now to use that move heh. his rush upper is also totally different with trying to link it and it’s usefulness.

just so many basic things that i was used to have changed with him.

i definitely feel like theres too much juggle in this game lol

Yep, and it’s fucking glorious.:rofl:

your joking right?

yeahhhh i also mainly used rog in the sf4 series, can’t do it anymore lol i just flat out gave up on him in sfxt