Transitioning to a Fightstick Question

Hey all, bit of a newbish question here: I’m in the process of transitioning to a fightstick, and I was wondering what is the most comfortable / efficient way to switch between Mantis and Crane? I’ve been trying two different methods. 1) Physically moving my hand forward or back so that my fingertips align to the three punches and kicks. 2) Having my fingertips on the three punches and the tops of my metacarpals on the kicks. I find that method one seems to be more reliable but also slower. With the second method I find myself switching back and forth much quicker, but I tend to accidentally hit taunt on occasion. I know a lot of it is personal preference and a lot more practice, but I’m just curious what your thoughts are. Cheers.

Many here don’t use the PPP and KKK buttons but I do, so basically my ring finger taps them. I think a specific posture is not that important, I’d just suggest you to practice since the beginning to use your thumb for the lk (and possibly also mk). This helps me a lot

Have you considered disabling taunt? (By which of course I mean selecting “no taunt”.)

i marvel at how you guys use fight sticks

Find something that is comfortable for you. If you play for long periods of time make sure it’s not something that is going to damage your wrists. The first method is probably your best method. It leaves less room for error really.

I mainly turn off KKK and PPP but been using PPP only so I can get EX hands a lot easier. I can do it many other ways but it’s 100% every time without having to think about it.

I also keep my taunt on and I can’t remember the last time I randomly taunted. I should get my buddy to record my hands while I play.

Cool, thanks for the quick replies all. I’ll keep practicing. By the way, it’s so cool to finally be able to do MK -> Hands and c.MP -> Hands reliably!

Coming from an elitist douchebag like me who considers anything other than default arcade 6 button layout a fucking heresy: never use shortcuts.
The first method of physically moving your hand is normal.
And when you think about it, double tapping forces you to move your hand much further since (if you learn to double tap) you’re forced to use the same two fingers to press several buttons. See tokido, ricky, daigo, jwong, mago, yadda yadda yadda, all doing it. I personally don’t except for a few moves.

Get in training mode and practise:
Crane crossup, PPP (you can press it at any time after you’ve pressed MK), when you hit the ground, c.lp, TC xx LK Gekiro.

Do that ad nauseum.
That’s how I learned Gen and how I got used to swapping stances quickly. After practising that, you should attempt a few other changes as well.
You’ll need to learn to change to crane after sweeps (if you’re gonna jump), throws (for safe jump setups), and other situations.

Other situations include frametraps where your opponent doesn’t fall for anything since he doesn’t stop blocking, and you’re forced to quickly do Mantis s.MP > crane s.MP (overhead). That’s an example.

After learning that combo I described (a hitconfirm by the way), you should try Crane j.K (2hit) PPP s.MP KKK xx HP roll. It’s relatively easy once you get the hang of it. And it also teaches you how to swap stances fast.

Don’t listen to these failures above who need buttons for PPP and whatnot.
All you have to do for EX is press PP or PPP instead of HP (why would you press any other P…?).

And trust me, as soon as you learn how to piano, PPP instead of HP is as easy if not easier (our tendons move better together than ring finger only).
Example: xx hands
Just plink mp twice and HP. Practise on a table. Doesn’t need to be done super fast. MP is very very lenient.

For EX, same thing, but even easier.
lp+mp (I personally press lp+mp+hp… it’s easier).

Amiyu does:
It’s a method a whole lot of people love. I could never get the hand of piano’ing from left to right, so I never learned that.
Either way, find out which one suits you best, and do that.

For TCxxHands, it’s increadibly easy as well:
mk+hp (you don’t need to press MK this second time, but again, it doesn’t hurt either, and it makes it braindead).

Another way is:
mk~lp HP
I used to use this one, but then noticed the above method was more consistent.

I took me 1 month to master most of Gen’s hard execution stuff, but I’ve been using a stick since Virtua Fighter 4 Evo. And I still miss pianos due to being nervous in a match. 1f links, not so much.
Since you’re not so used to a stick, it might take you just a tiny bit more. It’s not like the learning curve for sticks is huge. Most people I know who started playing in SF4 learned how to play on stick in just a few months (pulling off 1frame links with ease, and others playing with CViper with FFFs and all the cancels done right).

After all is said and done, all that’s left is to practise your ass off.
Not in matches, first training mode. Then CPU (arcade mode). And then jump onto real matches.

And offline, specially in tourneys, you’re always bound to slack on execution.
Good luck.

lol at “failures above”. Seriously, just test a bit and see what’s more comfortable for you. And using shortcuts is just an advantage if it helps you executing combos. There are guys who avoid using them but still land in Crane stance after a jump mp because they didn’t manage to press the three P correctly…

who knows slide method may be better for him. I can do both but slide is more comfortable. Same with not plinking. It’s just more comfortable for me to just do the inputs

:smiley: It was all love.

Messiah, I used to go with slide until I decided to practise piano until my fingers were destroyed.
Worked wonders. I still miss it sometimes, but for the most part, I’ve gotten used to it.

Slide implied either having my buttons “oiled up” (and it wasn’t the case several times), or a billiards/snooker glove. And the glove never felt right because I lost the sensibility on 3 of my fingertips. And after so many years feeling the buttons, it felt really odd having my fingers press the buttons as if 3 fingers were dormant.

I’m all for slide with blanka’s jab xx elec. Can’t even imagine ever pulling that off with piano.
But Gen? Nah. Not enough consistency. It used to be more consistent than piano’ing, where I basically hit the hands every time if my buttons were sweaty enough.
But otherwise, I missed very often. And I wasn’t gonna start doing silly shit like breathing heavily on my buttons just to be able to pull off hands out of pure laziness to practise piano. I opted to practise it. Thankful I did.

And not plinking? Come on…
You gotta record a video of your consistency hitting 1f links. Not saying you can’t, but I’m curious either way. Because I’ve seen some insane players hitting 1frame links every single time with no plinking… and I’ve seen the opposite where the only reason they don’t plink is because they don’t wanna bother learning how to.

And schiff, regarding the people who land in crane stance, for most stick people that never happens due to not pressing PPP.
That’s the easiest shit in the world.
If they do a crane move when they land (like it happens to me sometimes) is due to his stance bullshit where you have to press the button for the mantis move whilst hitting the ground, instead of buffering it in the air.

The only person I know that uses shortcuts for his Gen, uses a pad. Two of his face buttons are PPP and KKK. But hey, pad.
I’m quite positive I won’t be playing in a japanese arcade cabinet any time soon.

But just in case, I’d rather play “the way it’s meant to be played”. Ideals.
Some people care about winning no matter what. Re-wiring buttons and shit. I’ve had that discussion on the blanka forums. You know, like Daigo, who actually gets paid for it.

Others, like me, care about winning under certain conditions. Those conditions are created in our own heads. Our own principles. It could be something silly like: “I shall now only win with my eyes closed”. But no, they’re pretty standard. “I shall win playing with what would be given to me if I was playing on an arcade cabinet”.

I don’t get how people hurt their fingers or have problems sliding their fingers. I don’t do anything to my buttons or wear a glove. I’ve never gotten any sores on my fingers, nothing. Weird.

As for plinking I think the only time I plink is when I record my videos because I don’t split my feed when I capture so I’m watching it right off my PC, and it has a few frames delay. Other than that, I really don’t plink I just get into the groove. I know the rhythm.

I use a stick, six buttons. I basically keep index, middle and ring finger on LP, MP and HP and the thumb on LK, or something like that. I just move the three fingers down to switch stance. I piano hands, HP to LP. I used to have taunt disabled since I’d accidentally hit it once in a while, have had taunt on lately and haven’t hit it by accident in a long time, but if you’re unsure, just turn it off. Winning, and sometimes styling > taunting

I said I practised piano till my fingers were broken.
Slide doesn’t hurt. At least after a while. I stopped doing it due to the reasons I said. I don’t have sweaty hands everytime I play. Sometimes both my buttons and my fingers are as dry as fucking Sahara, and sliding on it would be like a cat’s tongue trying to pull off hands.

I wasn’t talking about you. There are a few videos and I’ve heard a few people say they have sores from doing the raw fingers slide method.

Those are sissies. Playing guitar also hurts your fingers when you start.
Chimps also have a hard time sitting on their bare asses for a while. Then it gets red from all the soreness and they get used to it*.

*The_Theorical is not responsible for the shitty grade you get on your essays about animal life. This information was taken out of his ass.

I know the logic. I’m talking about hurting in the first place…

I have technician hands aka girl hands, and when I do general labour they def show it, but the difference between the two activities is crazy and I was just pointing out the fact that just sliding your finger across buttons causes sores like mine when I pour concrete.

I always wondered about chimps. Lol :smiley: I usually slide but never had any problem nor I had to use a glove. And my hands are not the ones of a miner

Hey guys, thanks again for the great advice. I’ll keep working on it, and hopefully I’ll see you all online.