Transitioning to Arcade Sticks

It’s been about a week or two and I’m still having problems hitting my links in Arcade Sticks. Sometimes it feels so weird to plink the three punches together after a crouching LP when going for Akuma’s BnB for instance.

Besides practice, are there any tricks (certain holds or ways to tap buttons quicker?) to get more accustomed to using a stick?

I remember looking up some vids of how different pros grip the stick and ended up changing my grip for the better because of it. Button patterns/timing/piano method etc can all be lightly practiced even when not in game. I often run through a few combos when on the screens before a match actually starts. Not much anyone can say other than practice and time though.

Besides practice, there isn’t really any tricks to improve you’re play on a stick, but you should invest in a hold that you feel most comfortable, rather than holding it the way you’re favourite pro’s do.

Links are just about timing. If your timing isn’t consistent, then it’s harder. You don’t have to do a triple plink to hit links. Just two buttons will do. Triple plinking will just cause you do have super inconsistent timing. You could try double tapping if you want. It’s harder than plinking and more “oldschool” but people still do it. I’ve actually seen someone double tap on pad (crazy shit). Double tapping is basically hitting the same button in rapid succession with two fingers. So like hit with your middle finger, then as it’s sliding off the button, immediately slide your pointer finger onto the button.

EDIT: Actually I guess I mean “double plink” since you’re just doing two plinks (H~M~L). I’m not even sure if double plinking is effective.

It’s pretty much about practice.

Also, check out the execution/arcade stick stickies.

I’m one of these people! Had no idea this was old school. Makes me feel cooler than I actually am haha.

I play other games with the stick, Scott Pilgrim, Streets of Rage etc. I think if you’re only using it for one game, there’s a chance you’re going to alienate your experience with it. Just try to mix it up a bit, even if it’s just playing a combination of 3D and 2D fighters, just using it on a different format will make you feel more natural with it.

Plinking doesn’t make sense to me.
I’ve always double tapped - but I guess it’s from being old… Not old school. Just old.

Stick - I agree with the playing beat-em-ups with it. Getting used to single direction movement (especially diagonals) and the occasinoal qcf type attack like in Streets of Rage really helped me out. That, and shmups. Helps you get your single directions more precise, so when you have multiple directions, it becomes slightly easier.

One other tip - when learning stick, pick a character that has a variety of move types. I learned 3S Remy for that reason: he’s got charges and qcf attacks. Chun’s another good choice for 3S. I don’t know much about SF4, but Chun has both of those types of attacks in that one too: her flip kick is a hcb and her fireball is a charge (I think) right?

Then you dont understand plinking and or double tapping.
double tapping doesnt help you with 1 frame links, plinking does.
Double tapping is only superior for 2 frame links and higher.

Agreed, don’t just use what your fave pros do. I meant I looked up various grips that pros were using (pros being a reference point not emulation) and tried them out. One in particular felt and worked better than what i’d been using. Ymmv

Don’t use arcade sticks too much, some times, get back to your roots and play with a pad. Try applying the knowledge and skills you have and slowly, easily transition. You should learn to adapt. Learning basic execution skills online is help too btw.
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As someone who just switched to stick, playing on pad helps 0 when learning stick. If anything makes you more dependent on the pad.


LOL, no, I do understand what it does and I do understand that double tapping doesn’t.
What you don’t understand is how OGs have always double tapped. The part of plinking that doesn’t make sense to me is the actual execution of it. Can’t reverse 20-year old habits of how to throw a hadoken, just for a game that I don’t give a fuck about.

EDIT and doublie tapping Does help a 1f link - in the case that you tap 2 frames too early. Because if you plink and tap 2f early, you still get shit.

Not really. Plinking is pretty easy to learn. If you have good execution to begin with, the general gist can be picked up in a few minutes. Feels good man.

The point is that I don’t care to learn it for a game that I don’t give a fuck about, as it’s not relevant in anything that I play, nor is the discussion of a random comment within a post relevant. The point of my post was the two random tips I had for transitioning to stick, not necessarily my apathy for plinking.

Going to warn me again for not giving a fuck about Street Fighter 4? I didn’t say I can’t learn it. I said it doesn’t make sense to me, without need for elaborating that it doesn’t make sense to me because I wont give it the time of day. Multivariable mathematics don’t make sense to me either, but I’m sure I COULD learn it… I just don’t give two fucks.

Another good none fighting game that’ll help ur stick wielding: Any of the Metal Slugs. They require pretty precise directional skills (ie wont register a diagonal) which will get you out of sloppy corner-clipping habits.

Dodonpachi also helps out a lot too

I can I guess. Would that help?

Yup, fuck plinking.