Transitioning to SF


Hi all,

I’m a Marvel and Tekken player that’s looking for some tips for transitioning to SF. I’m absolutely horrid at the game and I need some tips on where to start off and what basic fundamentals I should start learning. I’m also thinking that playing UMvC3 and MvC2 may help me in learning and getting into the game.

Thanks in advance


The first rules are to have patience and never ever jump forward. For tools, pick a character, find a grounded AA or two, an air to air, your staple footsie poke / 1-2 combo and a simple punish.

Then start playing and when you meet a problem, try to figure out a solution to those problems with your character.

For Ryu, your toolset might look like:
grounded AA: cr.hp
air to airs:, (we’re not worrying about jumping in because we never ever jump forward)
poke:, xx hadouken
simple punish: or,,


Hm yeah i needa break the habits of playing aggressively and relying on jumps. I’ll also start practicing with Ryu. An all around shoto would help me get into SF


If you follow Komatik’s advice you will definitely develop quickly. Id also recommend standing heavy kick as an anti air to cover the remaining distances, and to not use focus attacks for the time being. Also learning a hit confirm combo, jab jab hpsrk will be incredibly useful.


Good advice but i feel you gotta jump sometimes on the rare odd occasion to mix it up and keep the opponent on his toes as long as you are not predictable about it because if you never ever jump than the opponent can focus more on his ground game and not have to worry about pulling out anti airs as much. But yep staying on ground as much as possible is the way to go in this game.


Shano, in the long run I agree, but to develop that ground game I like to have my opponent focus 100% on the ground game with no cognitive effort geared towards anti airing and still outperform them on the ground. At high level play a surgically placed jump forward is a necessary skill, but to develop strong fundamentals I think it is best left out entirely at the start.


Thats a good point you bring across actually because alot of players especially online kinda avoid the footsie game a bit so if you just stay on the ground and have good anti air then they are forced to play the neutral game too or eat anti airs plus you get that neutral game practice.

I gotta admit though sometimes as a Sakura main i jump way more than i probably should with a mix of air tatsu, j.hp/hk and air tatsu crossover baits to catch people trying to anti air DP. It’s just soo tempting because it actually works alot because sometimes players are afraid to anti air Sakura.

  • ST Beginner Tutorial. A quick introduction to the fundamentals, link. The game discussed in that video is old but many things from the video are still applicable in the more recent SF games.
  • VA’ SSFIV tutorial. A great SSFIV tutorial series, link. Chapter 4 is where they start to talk about the game.
  • First Attack, a show where each beginner SF topic is discussed thoroughly and the host teaches in a slow pace, link.


I’ll check those out


I gotta disagree with the jumping thing. If you don’t know how the opponentplays, jump in on them early in the match before they get meter, if they anti air you then you know to avoid it, if they eat the jump in, then you know they have trouble with anti air and you can score big damage and cross them up for days.


I disagree completely. Just because some scrub can’t anti-air you doesn’t mean that everyone else won’t. Jumping with someone like Ryu is really unnecessary for the most part. One or two here and there, sure. Cross ups on knockdown, sure. But for someone just learning it would be far more beneficial to learn a ground game first.