Does anyone else feel that when you start learning a new character you do better at the start than when you actually start learning combos and setups? For example, I’m in the process of learning Cody and I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I’ve been the last couple days learning him. Today I feel like I’ve made a breakthrough and he’s starting to flow much much better. Winning isn’t everything, but it can be nice sometimes D:

This is natural. When you first start playing something, you get a pretty immediate feel for a character’s pokes and general flow, so after a couple games you can play some semblance of a neutral game. When you get deeper into it, though, you start being “mentally aware” of things to go for, combo starters to look for, punish setups. But you’re not adept at them, and knowledge of them can actually get in the way of your neutral by making you hesitate in thinking, “Oh, I know what to do here! I just need to… Oh, it’s too late…” Of course, the more you play and practice, the more parts of your game shift to unconscious competence, and you start to actually get at least moderately good. There’s just that little hump you need to get over first n.n