Translate old links?


while I was surfing Tekken Zaibatsu, I came across some shoryuken links, which are of course dead now. Is there a possibility to “translate” the old links to new ones, so I get redirected to the new forum with an old link?
For example, I found the following link: The new links look like this:
Since there are tons of links referring to shoryuken forums, we would be happy to see a solution.

That would be amazing, this site is the best and so every other custom stick site inevitably links to it… but now all those links are broken, I’ve been trying to track down a few threads for a while now.

I don’t think this is happening. We had an entire sticky in Tech Talk that was nothing but links. It took a few people a day to rebuild it. The good news is that the board is indexed by Google. I’ve been able to find several old threads this way.

Why completely change the site if thousands of helpful links become unreachable? Is there a way to manually do it? Nothing is more annoying than clicking a supposed interesting srk link only to find the “Nothing Found” error.

There’s no way to edit a link that’s within a post. Those has to be done manually and updated with a new link. Only solution is for a modification that will find convert them to it’s new link. But, it’s impossible :frowning:

I second that. There were probably a lot of reasons to upgrade the forum but considering that a forum is 100% purely a collection of hard work from the community i can’t stand the fact that tens of thousands of hours work is ‘gone’.
The search function doesn’t find a decent thing and EverywherE on the internet are dead links.

I’ve noticed that if you stick a “index.php?” after the “forum/” the link will work.

As much as there is a point to the complaints, the best thing to do at this point is to get the community together to help rebuild the lost knowledge base. That’s what we did in Tech Talk (check out the rebuilt Info Thread).

Hello all,

I’ve kludged together a rough PHP script which (tries) to translate these old links. The overall idea is :

  1. Grab a cached copy of the link from
  2. Figure out the original poster and date of this cached copy
  3. Use the search engine on this new forum and look threads by the original poster (using the date to narrow it down)
  4. For each thread, compare the old copy (from with the thread (

If an approximate match if found, you will be redirected to the thread on the new forums.

I have named it ‘plinklink’, and it is located here :


Please note that not all links work (list of excuses below) :

  1. sometimes no longer has a copy of the page
  2. the code I’m using to compare the two pages is too dumb
  3. either the connection to or times out

Hope someone finds this useful, feedback is very much welcomed.

Hrmn…I have also found some links that are in the form :*/

Which seem to be fixed by changing them to this form :*/

Perhaps someone broke a .htaccess rewrite rule…does anyone know a moderator I can perhaps discuss this with?


I have updated the script to translate ‘[S]threads[/S]/’ into ‘, as well as making it work with threads in the form’ (which also checks for a cached copy on :sunglasses: