Translated AE2012 Blanka changes




+10 dmg for all horizontal balls

First 2 frames of EX and HP horizontal balls are knockdown.
Which means all combos into HP or EXhoriball are knockdown.
E.g. CrLk > CrLk > StLp > HeavyHoriBall

EX horizontal ball knockdown frames also put enemies into juggle-able state
(which technically means you can probably follow up with some funky stuff or even ultra in the corner)

Rockcrusher is now ‘chargeable’ (probably by holding the button), and the charged version gives a +5 frame advantage on it, make combos like Charged Rockcrusher > CrMk > HPBall possible.

that is all.

Sigh, no safe balling or exupball changes =(

The Blanka Matchup - Arcade Edition

I guarantee you these changes matter.

Also overhead buff is good once you realize how to use overhead.


Punish:, st.lp xx ex.ball fadc st.lp xx … drop… oops… airbourne. I wonder what kinda crazy stuff we can do though? Too tired to think now.


Are you sure it says hori balls knock down? I’ve read “blow-back damage”, which makes it sound like they can’t be punished with things like boxer dash-straight, which is supremely awesome. Knocking down would be amazing but sounds too good to be true.

I’m pretty impressed with the buffs…added ball damage, fadc-ability of ex balls up close to increase combos, and most of all — safer balls on hit provided they are done in combo (as they should be). Ex upball buff would’ve been nice, but these are good too. Looking forward to experimenting with rockcrusher now, giving it the ability to combo into mk>>hp.ball is too good to ignore


I’ve seen the blow back damage talked about as additional hit stun, but also as juggle.

So I dunno.

I’m more inclined to believe juggle because of the things blanka could do with more hitstun.


Blanka will have close rollings in combos make KD, and have juggles with close EX rollings ?? It’s crazy if it’s true damn.


When we get a confirm on things I’ll write a comprehensive analysis.

#8 xx hp.ball to get out of corner pressure? Yes please.
I’d kiss Blanka, if only he didn’t bite my face off first.


Holy moly, hp ball knockdown would be a game changer if true


Well, my guess is that ex ball FADC will at least allow for a sweep or slide. Maybe even a s.lp or into hop shenanigans?

Knockdown ball sounds really nice. That changes so many matchups and scenarios. Cornered Blanka, Dhalsim, Balrog, Fei, characters sitting on full meter, etc.


Close rollings = KD can change a lot of thing, safe punishs, safe confirms etc…


And also, ex rollings FADC to a untechable KD will be very nice, but 3 bars of meter for that.


I think necrome is probably on the money with the “combo’d ultra in corner” speculation. ex ball FADC AA U2 would be crazy damage and well worth 3 bars if possible.


Basically xx hp.ball would equate to having a 4 frame sweep. Re: ex.ball fadc ultras. Would there be enough charge time? Which of Blanka normals have persuit properties?


These changes sound a lot more pro-Blanka than the ones he got when AE first came out, which seemed hit or miss.


2MK xx HP Roll = KD too ?

So, if it’s true, we will need to know all combos makes KD with close Rollings! Crazy thing.


positioning after knockdown is really important.


Imo, if they will do that (KD if hit in 2 first active frames), it’s to compensate with the significant cases where roll is not safe on hit, you imagine ? We can punish Cammy, Seth, Boxer etc… with rolling but in close range ? It will be great.

But after a KD, Blanka should not have an advantage, just like after elec KD.


Holy crap real optimism in the blanka forums! Stay tuuunneedd!!


Holy shit, knockdown after ball would be amazing. I’ve been saying he needs he for sooo long, I really hope the translation is right.