Translating Daigo's Answer


Didn’t want to post this, but might as well…

I interviewed Daigo at SCR, and his last question, I didn’t have time to get the translation from his translator! Brett was playing! I was planning to meet up with her again during the event, but I didn’t have time =/

Was wondering if someone could translate this for me…



“it’s true it’s extraneous both physically and mentally, and you have to put in a lot of effort into it, and have to sacrifice a lot of things, but right now, only I can go out to tournaments overseas, and there’s nobody else that’s able to do it, so I want to let everyone see that fighting games are fun. Since I was young, there were other friends that were playing, but nowadays, slowly, they are fading away from everyone’s memories, which makes me very sad. If this were not true, then I wouldn’t be trying so hard to go around to different countries and promote the games. I want the game I like to stay active, and so I’m trying my best.”

That’s about the gist of it.

A little side note, answering a phone call during a conversation is considered to be very rude in Asia… especially during formal meetings, such as an interview. You have to make sure to properly apologize before you take the phone call and get their permission to do so, or just ignore the phone call, apologize for the interruption, and just call them back after you’re done with your current conversation. :confused:


The only reason I answered is because Brett was about to play his match.I apologized directly after the conversation actually. And I told him thank you and everything directly the other times I saw him. =)