This is the best series I’ve read since the Sandman. I love the bloated, hedonistic, over-the-top future setting, Ellis’s witty dialogue and the match-made-in-heaven art by Darrick Robertson. Robertson really captures the Spider Jerusalem flagrancy in all its naked, in-your-face indifference to everything but the truth, not to mention ultra-reinforcing the quirky diatribe/rant (s) that Ellis concocts for Spider to spew.

If you liked Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and you’ve never heard of Transmetropolitan, do yourself a favor and check it out.

“Ah, Spider’s a dirty bastard and a moral vacuum, but you couldn’t have a better friend.”

I second this recommendation… Spider is quite the journalist. Very amusing and intelligent - yet crude and in your face at the same time. These are all typical traits of Ellis, however - check out his other stuff too (Next wave, Desolation Jones etc).

Ebola Cola - the hemorrhage that refreshes!


I third this rec.

*Later Note: I didn’t think she’d turn me down live on SPKF.

Have ordered crate of libido suppressant, a partial lobotomy, seventy nude pictures of Queen Victoria and a castration.*