Transporting arcade cabinets

So I found a MVC cabinet for $250 on craigslist (good score right?) but I’m worried about transportation issues. Roundtrip, I have 200 miles to cover.

Can I lay it on it’s back on a truck bed or would the vibrations on the highway have a chance of breaking it? Should I take out the boards / monitor or just leave it all in and make sure the cabinet is strapped down really tight?

Do it upright. Strap it in tight.

I stuck my cab in a minvan with the seats taken out. I loaded it up and laid it on its back. It helps that most minivans have really soft suspension so I was not too worried.

Yeah, moving a machine isnt a big deal, depending on the equipment inside of it you may want to remove the game before transporting. For example, I would remove a cps3 or naomi with gd rom before transporting a machine. Also, always lay the machine on its back, no matter how good you strap it down the machine would not like to take a trip from standing straight to hitting the floor.

Thats a nice score for MVC2 cabinet. If you need a new monitor let me know, we have a couple of nice ones, we wanna get rid of in the shop.

I would ensure that the board and GD ROM are bolted down prior to transport, if they aren’t bolted down I would take them out, its no big deal to reconnect them. If you need help with wiring and shit let me know.

Get some help to throw the cabinet into the truck bed (on its back), and strap that mutha down tight.

mvc2 doesnt use GDROM, its all should be easy to transport on a truckbed depending on what kind of cabinet. showcase? astrocity? american style?

just make sure its covered with a tarp to avoid direct sunlight, some of the plastic can warp if its in the sun too long.

Just to clarify, MVC2 does use a GD ROM as it is a NAOMI; MVC1 does not use a GD ROM rather the A/B cart system or CPS2

more info check out system 16

please get your facts straight.

MVC2 runs on CARTS, not GDROM. system16 doesn’t even support what youre saying.

MVC2 is on a Naomi cart. No GD-Roms there.

And MvC1 is just CPS2 boards, so regardless the board will be fine.

In the back of a truck stapped into place should be fine. It’s not like arcades and kids kicking / punching machines is a really safe place as is. :smile:

I’ve moved cabs via U-Haul trucks all over the place without a hassle. If you’re REALLY worried you could probably call whomever rents out the local cabinets at your bowling alleys and have him transport it for you, but U-Haul should be fine.

It’s MVC1.

I got some pics of the machine and the insides -

I’m kinda worried about the sticks being too close together. I asked him to measure the joystick separation center to center and he got 13.25". If I do find them too close together, is it hard to manufacture a new top board to mount the joysticks and buttons? I’m probably going to order new sticks and buttons anyways.

One last question - how would a PS2/Dreamcast look on an arcade monitor? If I remember correctly they run at wacky refresh rates and resolutions.

See those screws holding everything in place? You’re good for travel.

The joystick separation look fine for that cab type.
It’s a metal board which in my opinion is a goddamned pain in the ass. I much prefer wood. You should be able to swap out cleanly enough the sticks/buttons, I don’t know about getting a new control panel on that though.