Trapped in the Closet - Chapter 13-22

LOL “…I hope a pigeon shits on your face!!”


These videos are too powerful, R. Kelly, you’ve done it again!

I thought this was over with already? didnt R. kelly so something something with an underage something? did he go to jail? he still makes music?

Im really out of the loop

You’re from IL and you don’t know the 411 on R. Kelly? Damn…
Anyway, this shit is JOKES!

:rofl: :clap:

kellz, how you do it

Ok, what is this? I see two big black dudes singing like little white girls. Is that what the joke is about?

its the greatest hip hop opera off all time
ahahaha- “slvester says you crazier than a fish with titties if you think im gon let you smoke this in the car”

ahahaha this shit just got WAY too ridiculous.

I saw 13-22 today, man was it dumb! Couldn’t help but lol tho. Especially when he was dressed as a pimp at a church. I like how he still waves that damn gun around even though he knows his punk azz ain’t gonna shoot any body.