Trash Thread

Here you can imput anything st related or not , hate mail , drunk feelings, online trolling , etc

How about no and just delete this stupid thread.

games any1?

I thought the DNGR S PAPERCUT thread is where stuff like this goes?

yea , but now is closed… Sopa?

The idea is to get serious and post more productive stuff. After all, we got the other thread in the HDR section for random stuff, or at least avoid the online hate which was annoying a few people. A few from GGPO complained about the state of this section. It is nice that the area is active, but it would be better if it was having less arguments. Even my jokes with Papercut would look like hate to someone checking this section for the first time.

For instance, we have this unwritten agreement about not whining about tiers and match-ups. I believe it is a good policy: complaining does not help, advice does.