Trashday 3 Results

OK, here’s what we’ve got so far…

3rd Strike:

1st. fubarduck
2nd. Mopreme
3rd. chrisdat
4th. Emphy?

T5DR Singles:

1st. Mr. Naps/Emphy
2nd. Frodo-san
3rd. kPc
4th. DJ Kor
5th. JOP, Jio
7th. Crow, Anakin

DR was apparently insane…Frodo lost to kPc early in winners, then beasted through the losers bracket with Yoshi gimmicks; Crow, Jio, Kor, & kPc were all eliminated by him. JOP lost to kPc in winners semis, then to Kor in a nail-biter. Anakin lost to Jio & Kor. Naps dominated all the way though, sweeping both winners finals and grand finals.

T5DR Teams:

Going on right now. 15 teams total, and Anakin’s team is still in winners somewhere. That’s all I know.

More to come…


Expected results in 3s haha.

On another note, how you afford to go to all these tournys? Im poor :frowning:

Actually, Alex Ennis got 4th. AznHitler and Total Toanage tied for 5th. Emphy tied for 7th.

3rd Strike Results

1st Fubarduck - Austin (Chun Li)
2nd Mopreme - Austin (Ken, Yun)
3rd Chris Dat - Austin (Chun Li)
4th Makoto Alex - Houston (Makoto)
5th AsianHitler - Houston (Necro, Hugo, Ken)
5th Toan (Chun Li)
7th Emphy (Urien)
7th RDN Ken (Ken)

This is off the top of my head. Whoever has the bracket can confirm and post full results. Thanks.

i get no love :sad::sad::sad:

congrats to emphy for taking people’s tekken money and ruining their christmases

CvS2 (22 people)

1st Asianhitler
2nd Buktooth
3rd Ashley
4th Noi Noi Pinoy

longest grand finals ever, and funniest too…3/5, buktooth wins 3 in a row for the first set, but cant quite do the same the second time around.

Props to Ashley for helping me run the brackets, and to the fact that he came out of retirment to get third, all the way from losers too.

Dang, Chris just missed top 3. Oh well, good shit.

Congrats to Ryan/Mark/Chrisdat in 3s.

3rd strike

  1. Fubarduck
  2. Mopreme
  3. Dat
  4. Face
  5. Hitler
  6. toan
  7. naps
  8. dan
  9. frodo
  10. Averille
  11. dvane
  12. ISA


  1. Jake
  2. Hitler
  3. Kensou
  4. Jan
  5. Slayer Alex
  6. Fubarduck
  7. Jais
  8. Tirian
  9. Thomas
  10. Pozer
  11. Doom Sycther
  12. Big B


  1. KPC
  2. Mister Cocks
  3. Nori


  1. AznHitler
  2. Buktooth
  3. Ashley
  4. Noi


1 toan
2 mag_x
3 vegita-x

Full Marvel Results

  1. totaltoanage
  2. magneto-x
  3. vegita-x
  4. vinnyman
  5. jake
  6. ronald
  7. gene
  8. rudy
  9. duane
  10. pmd
  11. joe
  12. luis
  13. tin
  14. joey
  15. skimitar
  16. pimp
  17. hung
  18. johnny
  19. aznhitler
  20. jay
  21. champbell
  22. aznsoal
  23. kaka
  24. vampiro
  25. edgar

Here’s the bracket if anyone wants to see matchups or whatever

Patrick recorded a lot of matches and they’ll probably be posted in a little bit…

grats to toan in mvc2 and doing well in 3s. <3

biggest fanboi here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would just like to thank everyone for showing up and making this a fun event. Special thanks goes out to those that help run the brackets. i<3 kensou.

See you guys next year.!

good shit to toan

great tourney overall. wish i could have stuck around for the finals

free parking is awesome too. thought i might have to pay

Fucked Up RC’s = short short short super…:sad:

I would like to thank all the 2d community for coming out and supporting this huge event. I would like to thank kensou, you are a cool motha fucka…and thanks for the other helpers…it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys…

Thanks to all the out of towners for coming and all the good games.

I would like some feedback on this event, what would you guys like to see next time? what could have changed? feedback could be good or bad doesn’t matter…thanks

^thanks to u and thino for being so cool about refunding money man
great tourney

It was a fun tournament. The following are just suggestions that I think would help ;

All brackets should be made digital (computer program). I think Tekken had this because of the large number of entrants. It makes the tournament a lot easier to run, plus it factors location when making brackets. You can also upload so others can see the match ups.

I was never a big fan of running all the games at the same time. If you have enough TV’s and equipment then thats great. Having only 1 tv for CvS2 was painful to endure. And maybe get a list of who is bringing what ; We would’ve gladly brought a TV along with copies of CvS2. I don’t think anyone had an actual copy.

Calling names on a mic. This is important if there are people who entered in multiple games. I don’t, but I think it would help things go a bit faster.

Thats all I can think of. Thanks for holding this tournament, look forward to the next.

Damn, 3S had a strong turnout. Congrats to everybody.

Jive Out!

those aren’t full results. there were about 25 people for 3rd strike

Well, yeah. I spoke with some people who went and they mentioned 3S had 20+ people. I just never found out who exactly went until I read the thread.

I was saying “strong turnout” as in the calibur of players mentioned in the brief overview. All 8 people mentioned are strong players so far. Some stronger than others, but just saying… strong turnout competition wise overall.

Jive Out!