Trashday 3 Results

Suggestion for next tourny: have Polo cologne sponsor your tourny, handing out those tabs of paper cologne.

or have jordan sponsor so people can stop rocking fake IIIs:arazz:

the brackets would have been run on software if we had enough laptops. there were only two laptops that we had and they were used for the madness that was tekken. but it definitely would have been done.

as far as setups goes, we had as many as we could get our hands on.

i personally brought 5 of the tv’s there.

sorry i had to take away tv’s from you guys to use for tekken. but we were short on tvs since no one wanted to play on the HD tv’s and none were brought by the 2d peeps except those 13 inch ones. :wasted:

thanks to kensou and the other peeps who ran the other tournaments.

glad to hear you guys had a good time. we appreciate you coming out. :lovin:


i think there should be a rule that participants MUST take a shower AND wear deodorant before coming to the tournament. seriously. old spice sponsors plz.


Cmon man, smelly fat people = the heart and soul of gaming.

if youre not first, youre last

where were you dude? i thought you were gonna be there. your peanut m&m’s teammate was chokin’ fools! are you gonna be at evo?