Trashday 4: Tournament of Upsets 4/12 Houston,TX

UPDATE: Game Added.

Arcana Heart
$10 entry fee
2/3 matches
2/3 matches and for the grand finals
Double Elimination

need people to register…

Christopher Campbell
Arcana Heart
San Antonio, TX

mmmmm brawl pot looks tasty.

I want a bite!

3 months…bring your A game

Andy Newman
Austin, Texas

getting closer to the time…hope you are practicing…


we need consoles and games for the 2d fighters…if you bring a setup your venue fee will be waived…post up if you can help.

I got dreamcast, marvel and dc stick for it. Waive me plz

I can help. Sent you an email. Let me know what you think.

ummm question!!! maybe i missed it but is anything gonna be on arcade??? as a pad player thats going to want to enter cvs2 ggac and 3s, i needs to know…

all console…


i want to money match you, 50$ in GGAC 2/3


also, why do you want to MM me??? you dont seem like the person to want to…

Why? you ask. Because i do not like your hair cut. How about 30$ lets make it worth it?

well fine…dangit… fine… if i make it that is, ill lose anyways, ill probly frickin choke like an idiot.

my hair??? i have short hair now… no more cury stupid afro.

oh well thats cool, i remember you being alittle more competative than that though. well if you want to play for 20$ thats fine then.

2 more months…start practicing and be ready.

Jonny Ibanez

i can bring ps2 sticks and games and a Dreamcast with mvc2 and memcard in my stick.

can a mod please change the title thread to 4/12 and NOT the 19th…thanks

Might wanna update your sig too Supes.