Trashday Houston TX 4/12

2D had pretty low turnout. Wheres all my valley mexicanos?

1st Jan
2nd Latif
3rd kensou
4th alex e
5th ron-o
5th robot
7th tirian
7th pozerwolf

3s (13)

1st Chris Dat (CH)-Hou
2nd Dan aka RDN (KE)-Hou
3rd Frodo (RY)-Austin

CvS2 (15)

1st Ashley aka Sonicboom-Hou
2nd Mauricio-Hou
3rd Ron-O-Hou

MvC2 (20)

1st Totaltoanage-Dal/Hou
2nd Jake-Dal
3rd PMD-Dal
4th Joe R.-Hou

Good shit to NO, Vegita-X and Duane for coming down.

Joe over jake, winners
PMD over Joe, winners
Scotty2Hotty (Dallas) over Gene, winners
Toan over Joey, winners
Joey over VegX, winners
PMD over Scott, winners
Toan over Duane, winners
Toan over PMD, Winners Final 2-1
Gene over Duane, losers
Gene over Rudy, losers
VegX over Ron-O, losers
PMD over VegX, losers
Joe over Gene, losers
Jake over Joe, losers (revenges a bitch lol)
Jake over PMD, Losers Final 2-1
Toan over Jake, Grand Finals 3-0

Top 3 all Dallas baby.

Tekken (50?)

1st Wired-tx/pr
2nd Crow-hou tx
3rd Realyst-ny

Smash (70?)

1st T-Rex-Snake
2nd Jra64-IC/Marth
3rd ??

captain sword owns me for free.

3S started reaaaally late. That could partly be the reason. There was no copy of 3rd strike anywhere, and it ended up running on HD Loader which someone happened to have with a 3S image. The game ran slower than normal and half the time I was overcompensating my moves, I couldn’t even karathrow. If this was a “make 3s slower and see who can play better” tournament then it was a great tournament. :looney:

Organization, too. There was no set date for any game. Even for a major like trashday it all looked shady at best. I own a copy of 3rd strike but I didn’t bring it since, being a major you’d figure there would be a copy or two already confirmed for tournament use. Plus what line of thought would it take for me to bring a copy of 3S? “Trashday organizers suck, so I’ll bring my copy of the game just in case they screw up”? Obviously that’s not what I think of the people who worked hard for making this happen, but I was a bit disappointed by how things turned out.

A friend of mine from out of state said the same thing about it being unorganized. I was surprised because trashday is usually well conducted from what i heard in the past.

No top 10 list?

man!!! i hoping that there would be more marvel,3s, entires but i guess it was a t5dr and ssbb thing.

Yeah, I’m very surprised on how unorganized cvs2 and 3s were.

The tournament announcement listed that the sign ups started at 10am, and games start at 12pm. I get there a little before 12pm, and the tournament didn’t start until close to 3pm. Cvs2 and 3s started close to 6pm ! My first match was 6ish pm, and I finished at ~ 10pm. Also there were no stations set up for cvs2 or 3s for casual matches until a few minutes before the tourney began.

So I was there from 12pm - 10pm !! And it was for a low turnout tourney that only had 10-15 people each game. :confused:

Aside from that, it was nice meeting some of you cvs2 and 3s guys.
It was my first time in Houston, and overall the people there seem much more friendly and down to earth.
Good games, and hope to see you guys in future tournies like Evo, etc.

wish i could have stayed for 3s
or maybe i don’t :x

gg’s in gg

Congrats to Dallas for Top 3 in marvel. :woot:

Toan and Jake goin hard but seeing PMD and Scott Dammit at the top is VERY nice.

thats it, i’m tired of toan winning. :rofl: congrats sahhhh

joey holding it down? hell yea!

wtf is up with 70 smash heads and only 20 marvel heads? something isn’t right there…

NO needs to do some soul searching get the all spark back >>>>>>>>>=0
good shit to jan latif toan joeyh and everyone else

yeah i was really upset about how 3s was lacking a setup til really late. if i knew they needed setups i wouldve gladly brought mine. nobody in the thread posted that they needed 3s setups so i assumed that it was taken care of.

kinda whack how i was put in charge of running the 3s brackets at the last minute…it was pretty stressful to have everyone wait for so long for a turnout that was so low. maybe next time ill tell the trashday guys that i’ll run 3s and make sure there’s enough setups to have it run smoothly and on time. since it was only 13 ppl…it shouldve only taken a couple hours if not less.

nice meeting you r | c! good games to everyone i played!

DFW running that shit!

o shit dallas held it dwn damn i need to visit soon

That’s what i’m saying. it’s just a bug, they need to drink some lean so they can get over it.

Don’t hate joey smash is to good.

Full results from Tekken, lifted from TZ.

49 entrants.

1 w1r3d (pr)
2 crow (TX)
3 the realyst (NY) (TNY)
4 deviljim (TX)
5 djkor (TX)
5 vick (TX)
7 the game (NY) (TNY)
7 frodo (PR)
9 the founder (KS)
9 neox (TX) (Trash)
9 SArob
9 machina (TX)
13 axiom (KS)
13 electric steve
13 spero gin (NY) (TNY)
13 AV kazama (TX)
17 ktaden
17 aznsoal
17 icecoldedge
17 mucha lucha
17 jio (TN)
17 phunnykid (NY)
17 ep
17 waygamble (FL)
25 sensei
25 jermaine
25 supernacha
25 thino
25 sargiestreturn
25 ocelot
25 slayercruz
25 fuzzynutz
33 chris dat
33 krow killa
33 rich
33 eric
33 mr. cocks
33 knicks
33 the fear
33 zzy
33 josuke
33 blackmagic
33 jtm
33 vineet
33 dancertron
33 mr. pimps
33 TMO
33 superman
49 txdarknight
49 hitman2

fyi Jan won GG.

Could someone pretty please post the top ten results for cvs2 and 3s? If it’s not too much trouble.

vids for marvel!?