Trashday MvC2 Vids

Shout out to everyone that was there, thanks to everyone for their support of the scene especially out of towners, you kno who you are.

Skimitar vs PMD

Luiz vs Magneto-X

Jake vs Joe Reyna

Totaltoanage vs Duane

Vegita-X vs Jake

Ron-O vs Rudy

Totaltoanage vs Magneto-X

Duane vs Gene

Gene vs Vinnyman

Jake vs Vinnyman

OK, Patrick aka Veg-X recorded the whole tourney and decided not to record the Winners Final, Losers Final or Grand Finals i think he ran out of tape anyways, good shit dummy. lol. so these are all i got.

Losers Final: mag-x (3W? MSP) vs veg-x (RST) Sweep
Winners Final: me (3W Duc) vs veg-x (W RST) 3-1
Grand Final: me (Duc,SSCap, MSS) vs mag (3W MSP) Set 1 Sweep :wasted:
me (3W MSS, MSP) vs mag-x (2W MSP) Set 2 good shit chris :sweat:


Aw, I was rooting for Jake-clops in every vid he was in. Thanks for the footage, Toan. Ever since you moved to Houston, you’ve started playing Santhrax. Do you no longer run MSS? From a spectator’s standpoint, MSS was far more entertaining.

jake’s cyc is pretty sick.

wtg Toan!


Did you go, Eddy? I didn’t see you listed in any of the results. In fact, I only recognized Toan, Jake, and PMD from my DFW days.