TrashMan The Most Sickening Individual Online

this man calls himself TrashMan and he claims he gave AIDS to women on purpose he even names the names of the women


Worldstarhiphop a hiphop video site posted some of his videos and he got fed up with the people posting crap about him

Nigga didn’t have sex 15,000 women… if he did, he would be in his mid-to-late 50s, because one woman a night for 15,000 days straight takes almost 42 years. Even if he doubled up and fucked two at a time every night, that’s 21 years straight of fucking sluts every night nonstop. And if he tripled up on bitches, thats every night for 14 years straight and I still strongly doubt that. And dont get me started on this ugly nigga getting 4 bitches a night every night for 10.5 years… and so on, and so on. Also:

[media=youtube]crw87KMGwio&feature=related"[/media]… equally ridiculous

[media=youtube]rNaA2pOVcR4&feature=related"[/media]… double ridiculous

the FEDS got him

link down work. =[