Trashtalking nerds on xbox Live

So, what do you do when you see them? Do you just ignore them or you invite them to a 1vs1 to tease them even more? Honestly i just ignore them, they aren’t worth even a nanosecond for me, every time i win on KoF98UM or on Garou i always get a hate message, i think they rage out because they lost against a girl.

Either you have some way to let them know you’re a girl in your name, or you talk in every single match on your headset and inform them that way. Either way, why.

just notices the “Don’t mistake me as a man” in your title

Oh, you’re an attention whore, very well then.

Thank you for acting like an asshole.

Most people aren’t as primitive as you seem to believe. Just because someone loses they’re not gonna go “Aw hell no, I just lost to someone with a vagina?!?”. If they’re salty about the loss, then they will be salty regardless of gender. Although I will say if your a female who talks trash you will be treated by most with a plethora of girl gamer stereotypes, i.e. get back in the kitchen, your probably fat, you know all that stuff. Also keep in mind trashtalking nerds exist on all games. They also wouldn’t know your a girl unless its in your profile, your on the mic, or you give them a troll message about how bad they are for losing to someone of your gender. One last thing people rage for all types of reasons if they even have one at all. I’ve lost count how many endless lobbies I’ve been kicked from on SFxTK for using Juri/Akuma and hitting a win streak. The name of your thread also has flamebait potential.

As long as i’m not out of myself, i do not use to trashtalk so much.