Travel 2007!

So people have talked about various travel ideas/plans/etc. Since we’re so “good” (and I use that term more loosely than your mom is) at coordinating things, here are my general plans:

  • Texas in late April (tentative, go to Texas Showdown, meet up with Texas friends)
  • New Jersey/New York (probably late May, go to ECC(?), go to Red Bank New Jersey (Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash!), meet up with some area friends, maybe check out Atlantic City…?)
  • San Diego in late July (Evo West, San Diego Comic-Con (awesome costume contests; where they announced Aquaman), San Diego Zoo (one of three zoos in the US with wombats), maybe learn to surf)
  • Vegas whenever for Evo2k7
  • Either the UK or Japan - depends on who wants to go where. I’d been to both and so could be swayed easily. If I have another virtual invite to go back to Japan for SBO, that’d be pretty tempting.

So that’s about what I’m planning on. This is your massive massively advance notice, since I often come back from things and people say “Oh damn, wish I’d known”. :smile:

Wow sounds like I need to get a job sometime soon.

Vegas baby!

I’d go for Texas Showdown, Evo and Japan, fo’ sho.


Im down.

If you go to SBO and EVO count me in!

Sooooooo down. Probably should meet you guys in person first, no?

Awesome planning thread…Though I hope this doesnt get bogged down with only tourney trip planning info…

I am going to try and save up for Texas as well as just Vegas, so sorta count me in for that. Is planning a TX road trip that insane? I know my relatives from WA do that sorta thing all the way to the south…

I might be in Japan around September next year as well.

Vegas sounds good… I’d be in Reno anyways this summer if nothing else.:nunchuck:

Word’em up! I’ll be in Japan from the 8th-16th. Anything you guys need me to check out? I’ll be in the Tokyo area.

^-- It’s perhaps strange, but if you picked up an assortment of Pinky mints, I would love you. I’d buy up to three entire boxes from you - I love them and several of my friends love them, but Ouijamaia is the only place around here to get them, and they have a poor selection. :sad:

Pinky mints? You got it!

What, no NCRs? When I’m down here now? :sad:

I only heard about the latest one two days before y’all had it. =\

Oh. Oops. Well, I wasn’t in it very long anyway, I went out in three because I played Tinh in the first round of winners and Ricky Ortiz in the second round of losers, and I hadn’t played much since August (with like two sessions with Portland peeps in September when I was up there) because of work being too busy. My work schedule will probably get nicer to me after the first of the year, so next year’s I’ll probably be in better practice. I can compete with these guys down here if I play at my best, and if I’m not then I won’t. Meh. :bluu:

ALright guys! Time to start making teh requests! I’m 98% gonna be in Japan from the 5th-16th. I’ll be around Tokyo.

I leave for Japan on the 9th. Booyah.

Zero, you should bring me back something tight, something you think I would like and is inexpensive for you to buy hahah. Or get me something related to either, 3S or Transformers!


I leave Seattle @ 1pm on Tuesdae and arrive in Narita, Japan, on Wednesdae @ 4:35