Travel Deals Thread

JetBlue is a nice airline and some of these deals are hard to beat. Some tickets have restrictions, so read carefully. Just FYI:

Lots of deals to various tournament locations, e.g.:

from$49*each way BETWEEN Long Beach, CA Las Vegas, NV


And it sure is a nice thing to live across from the Long Beach Airport sometimes. Jet Blue sure has great deals to vegas, thanks for the heads up.

I’ve seen $330 from D.C. to Las Vegas. Does anybody else know any cheaper prices?

Yeah…that’s what I got for my bro and myself. Cheapest I found from DC.

Some AMTRAK deals for those who don’t like to fly:

With the coupon codes, their prices are substantially lower than the airlines now and even than some Greyhound tickets. If you’ve never tried trains before, they’re a great way to travel and see the country if you’ve got a little extra time, and they beat the crap out of Greyhound.


I don’t understand. AMTRAK’s route’s don’t seem to go through Las Vegas. I checked their map. I think you have to ride on the train for a while, then board a bus to get to Vegas?

If anyone is flying in late to Vegas Check out my post on the shuttle schedule.