Traveling alone to tournaments?


I’m no stranger to tournaments. I’ve competed throughout the entire Halo series and I loved the tournament scene. What’s different between FPSs and fighting games is that FPSs are mainly team based. I always had a team with me to talk to. Since fighting games are (for the most part) 1v1, is it strange to go to tournaments by yourself?

I played SSF4 for the past 3 years on and off, but recently I’ve stopped playing all together because of school but I’ll be graduating next month. So after I graduate and get a job, I plan to go to tournaments a lot more, but I don’t have many friends that are into the fighting game scene. And I’ve tried to get them into it too, but they all say it’s too hard to get a hang of.

I’m not that good at these games either, I just like playing and watching them. I’d like to see how far I get in tournaments and watch some of these events in person.

Does anyone else go to tournaments alone, or am I just weird for asking this?


If you enjoy playing/watching fighting games…it does not hurt at all to attend the actual events with a friend or solo.

It’s a much different experience to actually be there than just watching it from a stream.

I go to tournaments alone…but leave having met/befriended other people who share the same passion for the fighting game community as I do.


It’s normal. Normally you go with your local crew (to save on gas money/room together/etc), but if you don’t have one, that’s fine.

You’ll find plenty of friends to hang out with there.


Going to events isn’t a bad thing to do alone. Majors may not be cost effective to do so, but if you have the disposable income, why not?

I always traveled to events with friends. Granted, I lived two hours from the nearest tournament scene in St. Louis so it wasn’t cost-effective for me to even go to Ranbats alone.

If you have local tournaments, definitely don’t be afraid to go alone. Shoot, you’ll make friends in no time, and if you get a chance to go to a major via carpool, do it.


Not strange at all to go to tournaments by yourself. You’ll often find that once you go, and have good personal hygiene, and aren’t afraid to talk to the guys you’re playing, you’ll quickly make some friends.

I encourage everyone to go to tournaments and sessions whenever possible. It’s not JUST about the tournament and your performance. It’s about getting to know the real members of the scene and enjoy the same hobbies and passion that you do. The tournament is just a part of that.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I can see making some friends at these tourneys. I was curious to see if there were others like myself.