Traveling USA. Looking for fights/couches


Hey guys. Just quit my job and sold everything in order to travel the states. Unfortunately everything includes consoles and fight sticks.

I am not rich and do not plan on spending many nights in expensive hotels. If I’m in your area and you have your own place we are perfect for each other.

I have a pretty decent Abel/rufus and a huge understanding of street fighter. I am definitely willing to get some crazy long sessions in. However, the point of traveling is seeing things and meeting new people. So I would love to go out and see your town/city. I’m up for anything and I do like to drink with friends. Hopefully you guys know the cheap spots to drink. I am on a shoe string budget.

Routine sucks. That’s why I am doing this. Even playing same people for years molds your play style so playing a wide range of people will definitely take anyone to another level.

Right now I’m in the Philadelphia area. Going to hit up new jersey and long island shortly afterward. If you have a place, I will try my best to get there. Hitch hiking is normally a pretty cheap option so let me know.