Traveling with the FightStick


I plan on doing quite a bit of traveling this year, and i’m wondering if there are any specially made carry bags for Joysticks so that they wont be exposed or messed up during travel.


If you carry it on the plane as “carry-on” you’ll need to expose it to the security checkers. If you stash it in a suitcase then you should just pad a box and throw it in. I don’t know if there is a place to buy a case specifically made for sticks.


Here you go!


You gotta be kidding me, that’s way too expensive for his purposes.
There has to be a more economical solution to this.


“When you’re a hardcore fighter(games), there’s absolutely no substitution.”

All jokes aside, try looking into turntable cases? Those might work.



Those are all good suggestions guys. Thanks!


A messenger bag, like what Canto linked, is what I use when I travel.


so… they’ll let you on a plane with an arcade stick… what about an arcade stick, a 360, a lighter adapter, and a mini TV… will they allow all that as carry on?.. cuz i’d love to do some money matches with random strangers during the flight to and from EVO… i know genius right?..


Just get a duffel bag and stuff it with clothes and wedge the stick between the clothes to prevent it from bumping into things. Either that or put it in a backpack.


Do you remove the shaft and ball top for travelling?


Now that’s a good question. I would like to know if anyone goes to that length when traveling.


Well, thats the part that makes it awkward for packing and is most likely to get damaged - for the effort involved I would do it.


“It’s not a purse, it’s European!!!”


What about a small luggage case and some foam? I don’t know where you would get the foam, but I’m sure you could find it somewhere. Then you could cut it to the size of the luggage and cut out the right size and shape for the stick and drop it right in. And you could probably do it all for under $75.


How about something like this?

nice and cheap, durable - pad it out with foam to fit the stick


get a Pelican box and cut the foam out in shape of your stick.



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