Traveling with the FightStick

I plan on doing quite a bit of traveling this year, and i’m wondering if there are any specially made carry bags for Joysticks so that they wont be exposed or messed up during travel.

I use my jansport and some bubble wrap around the stick.

I usually keep mine in messenger bag when traveling though I’m kind of worried of the stick if it is pushed to a certain direction for a while. Does it mess up the spring?

That’s a pretty good idea using bubble wrap to pad the stick. I’ve just been worried about this since I picked up my TE stick today.

what does this thread have to do with sagat?

Sagat has a massive fightstick :blush:

i personally put it in the box that it came out of-feels like the safest way to pack it for me.

I know this has nothing to do with Sagat but I thought it would be a good topic to discuss considering many of us Sagat players plan on traveling to various tournaments this year.

Bubble wrap will work, if you are able to keep it boxed then secure the stick with some foam to keep it from moving around.

Yea, I think what I am going to end up doing is getting a massager bag and putting either foam or bubble wrap in it. I haven’t decided which padding would be more befitting for me yet.

Shuffled this over to tech talk, where this may be of more interest (stick traveling…maintaining your hardware…etc).

lol. Nice attempt at saving it.