Treasure Coast KO - Treasure Coast, FL

The Treasure Coast has never had a shining moment when it comes to tournament scenes for fighting games. So I thought I’d take matters into my own hands. I’m trying to host a SF4 tournament at Fusion Gaming on Oct. 24. Fusion Gaming is located in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Fusion Gaming:

The setup is as follows:

System: 360

Tournament Fee:
$5 Door Price (For letting us use their venue)
$10 Tournament Entry
Total: $15

1st - 65%
2nd - 35%
3rd - $15 refund

All of this is a rough setup, nothing is finalized. Depending on what the flat-fee is I may/may not be able to take care of the Door Price. Right now I’m trying to get a rough estimate of how many people would be interested in the tournament. I’ve never hosted a tournament before so any feedback would be helpful.


If there looks to be a decent local interest for this I might show up.

By the way, what time is this tourney supposed to go down?