Tree of Savior
Not sure if there’s a thread about this MMO already but I couldn’t find it.
Supposedly what Ragnarok Online 2 should of been and one of the few or only MMOs that has an English beta at the same time as Asia as far as I know.
Second closed beta registration is up now and everyone gets it, registration period is until the 19th of October and the beta is about 1 month long.

I clicked on that picture like an asshole…asshole.

Made it a link now :o

No fucker, I am saying my dumb ass thought it was a video lol.

Will this game save MMOs?
FF14 was the most boring MMO of all time. Left such a bad taste in my mouth.

mmorpgs are in an alright place, nowadays there is so much competition that there’s a pretty good chance there’s a game that is mostly what you are looking for

if by saving mmorpgs you meant take them back to the past where they were better, then no, no single game could ever do that

Been keeping an eye on this game since development started. As an old RO player, I am pretty hype, and I hate getting hyped for MMOs as 95% of the time it’s a letdown. This one has avoided all of the signs of major floppage so far, and they actually are trying to keep the international version relatively current with Korea so there’s hope.