"Tremble with terror, YOU ARE FINISHED!" The Sigma general discussion thread



Discuss any new info or speculate about Sigma here.

Judging from Ultron Sigma’s moveset he will at least have Saber slashes, a counter and teleports.


Now this is a thread I can get behind. I hope Velguarder aka best robo doggo is apart of his kit in some way shape or form. Possibly even the virus as well.


In case you didn’t know, you can already see Sigma’s in game model (and likely his idle pose) in the game gallery:




I’ve been carving a crazy Dark Phoenix esque Virus mode ever since MvC3 (Maybe not that broken but still something mindblowning)

Interesting that you brought up of Velguarder, maybe he could function as an install assist hyper to similar to MvC3’s Felicia Kitty Helper and Robot helper (since the assist call is already unique to Ultron’s drones)


looks pretty good imo.


Since Ultron Sigma is the fusion between Sigma and Ultron, it’s safe to assume that all the moves that don’t belong to Ultron - pretty much all the sword moves - will be part of Sigma’s moveset.

These are the moves I found out through a mod:

  • qcb+LK: grounded command dash. Pressing LK or HK will hit the opponent with the sword for a ground bounce.
  • air qcb+LK: same as above
  • qcb+HK: an ascending command dash that hits once on the way up. Pressing LK or HK will hit the opponent with the sword for a ground bounce.
  • air qcb+HK: same as above but with a descending trajectory
  • d,d+LK: slashes with the sword once. If you press LK or HK it will slash the sword again and launch the opponent in the air.
  • air d,d+LK: a sword slash
  • d,d+HK: slashes with the sword once and launches them up in the air immediately
  • air d,d+HK: a sword slash that launches
  • b,d,b+LK: teleports you in the air in front of the opponent. If you press LK twice it will also hit them with a sword slash. Works in the air.
  • b,d,b+HK: teleports you on the ground on the other side of the opponent. If you press HK twice it will slash them with a sword after the teleport. Works in the air.
  • f,d,f+LK: parry counter with the sword. If they hit you while your sword is out you will slash them once with the sword.
  • f,d,f+HK: parry counter with the sword. If they hit you you will slash them and launch them in the air.
  • d,d+LK+HK: HC that makes meteors rain through the entire screen.


I think the meteor rain might be an exclusive thing for Ultron Sigma.
I can’t recall Sigma ever doing something like that by himself.


“Using his energy sword, Sigma is able to control the battle by opening up dimensional rifts that linger around the screen, hindering his opponent’s movement options.”

damn son



It’s almost time fellas.


We don’t get to see a whole lot of Sigma in that trailer, but I really like his eye laser and his level 3.
The dimension rift thing sounds interesting as well, I can’t wait to see more!


His supers look nutso


This video shows a small sample of the dimension rift



I saw Sigma’s dimension rifts get smacked away by Black Panther, I hope they aren’t that easily removed and it’s just Black Panther having a projectile nullifying trait on his moves.


I love the poo smears that Sigma puts on the screen. I was looking forward to Sigma, so I’m glad his gameplay looks fun.




Here’s some day -1/1 combos I’ve come up with for him so far:


Sigma has any invincible moves or supers?


None of his lvl 1 supers do sadly.


here some combos



how do you safely pressure with him or at least safely tag when blocked?