Tremors TV Series - Starring Kevin Bacon


Huge fan of tremors, been hearing that Kevin was interesting in being involved again, never suspected he would come back and as the star of a new series.

Hopefully it’s a little more R rated than that last series.

bruh! So dope. Tremors fan here, although i didnt watch the new one yet. I grew up on tremors, because im an old shit head, so this is exciting for me.

Now all they need is a gremlins tv show, a leprachuan tv show, candyman, and a pumpkin head one shot 12 episode deal. There is tons of 80s horror that needs a reboot outside of freddy and jason.

I’m surprised we dont have an 80s horror movie thread. I think there is a horror thread though.

I would have put it in the Horror thread, if it was just a movie, but this is a full fledged TV series.

New movie was meh. Spoiler alert: Jamie Kennedy sucks and I hate him. And he’s Burt’s son or some shit. It was generic as fuck, but takes place in Africa, with like no black people. Maybe one or two, I really can’t remember. CGI worms had a few interesting kills though where they come full out of the ground and jump and shit. I’d watch it just for those kills, I suppose.

Yeah, my buddy and I have the first one memorized pretty much, we can quote lines all the time, he LOVES the “she will have long blond hair, big blue eyes, worldclass breasts, etc” line to this day.

Curious to see how this show goes. He wasn’t proud of it when they first made it, but it developed a cult following and he grew to like it, and started going to fan showings recently, so I was holding out hope he would do one more. Didn’t expect a full TV series, which he is also producing as well.

No network attached yet, I’m hoping they can get like AMC or Netflix, and thus give me some R rated fucking Tremors.

Sure hope it’s grabboid only and they ignore the mutations from the sequel.

What world do i live in where such things happen?!

Yeah, I don’t mind the other things occasionally, but I preferred it when it was just big fucking worms that could burrow, and technically leap out of the ground if they gave enough of a shit.

They shoulda stopped with the first movie. Running this shit into the ground after jumping the shark with the crappy sequels and prequel.

I still wanna see Tremors in a major city.

I wouldnt say Tremors belongs in the horror.thread. Event they first movie is fucking hilarous after the first 30 minutes.