Treta Armageddom Results


Treta Championship 3 - a.k.a Armageddom

Street Fighter x Tekken

The King of Fighters XIII

Mortal Kombat

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012



Media coverage:

Tokido @ Topanga (several mentions in japanese):

PS: Tokido loved the barbecue, hehe!

As soon as we have more, I’ll update this post, and the thread with videos of matches.


Very entertaining tourney, I especially liked the SF part. Brazil has some VERY high level players in each game.

BTW Combofiend’s Oni has always DESTROYED Canadian players in tourneys so the fact that Combo didn’t even make top 8 at your tourney shows how good Brazil is at SF


Looking at those results, did he even enter sf or marvel? When he himself says brazil isnt on the same level in SF I dont really get it lol.


lol not sure when Combofiend said that, but he got sent to losers by his first opponent who played an excellent Ibuki.
Combo’s Oni lost to Ibuki, then Combo switched to Cammy but lost again.

I didn’t see who eliminated Combo. Anyway, Combofiend was all smiles and later spent some time on commentary.


He played both. I think he got 9º at Marvel.
You can only immagine our surprise at the venue when we saw Combofiend not making top 8 and Tokido winning the Marvel tournament…


its marvel 3, results should never surprise anyone


You can watch this specific match here:

At 01:49:50