Tri Cities, Washington


Anyone around Tri cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland)? I wanna see how I stack up around here. . .


Yabukistyle. He’s the player there, I been to the Tri-cities few times. Try getting in touch with him.


Hey you’re Steve’s friend, right? I played you online on his laggy ass tv lol. But yeah we usually play weekends from 10 PM til whenever (usually around 5 AM). We’ll play this weekend so let us know.

Edit: I forgot to tell you that we’re playing SF4 and 3S.


Yeah i know steve lol but they changed my work schedule i’m gonna be working 7 days a week through this month so I don’t know if I can do go down there yet. Come November I’ll go over to Steve’s.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a day off lol


Damn no days off is harsh. Well just get Steve to get a hold of us whenever you come down. I’m gonna try to start something with SF4 at my work too (maybe a ranking battle) so I’ll let you know about that.

But you’re more than welcome to make it to one of our weekend gatherings if you can.


Alright I’ll try to get there. I’m gonna bring my lil brother though he can play too. We just got done beating steve 20-6 on SF4 >.>

I like 3rd strike and he says he’s gonna destroy me on there but I doubt that haha


Jeez 20-6. Beast mode haha. But yeah the more people you bring the better. We’ll do something this next coming weekend too. Hopefully we can have two setups going at once that way there isn’t a long wait.

Man we need more people from here on SRK. People these days are too lazy to sign up for a forum.