Tri-City/Walla Walla Fight Club


Ill ask him but I know he wont mind. Also ill ask the Othello crew (Sergio, Humberto and Oscar) if they can make it. We try to have 4 setups. We have AE Marvel and TTT2 for sure the other setup is always something random. Ill set up something for sure, most likely on the 30th.


Yo tell Sergio I said whats up! Them Othello boys aint playin around! Thats a Sunday right? That sounds dope as hell, hopefully we can get a crew out there! Stay posted dog!


Alright so next sunday for sure. The 30th. Tri cities crew and maybe the othello crew. We down for casual money matches whatever. In fact ill start it off, me Frankie vs Brian(golden necklace) first to 5 in AE 25 bucks on the line. Get Hype


Shiiiit Frankie lets go fifty so I can blow that shit at the casino when I’m done.


It’s looking like I’ll be down for showing up, barring some last minute changes. Sounds like a good time.


I’ll poke La Grande and see if they’re up for it. I certainly am.


I’ll poke at La Grande and see if anyone down there’s up for it. I certainly am.


So excited you had to post twice about it.


I only saw one of them post. I wish SRK worked properly :frowning:


Yeah, years later and Shoryuken’s only slightly better than a Geocities page.


Yo i aint gonna make it this week. The weather and my bald tires dont mix.


That sucks! Ok cool be safe out there man.


Yeah the roads are treacherous. My heart goes out to the nine people who passed in the recent bus accident in Pendleton.


I asked the Idaho crew if they wanna play us online during salty sundays. Im sure we are all down but just letting everybody know k.


Hey, guys. I’m hopefully gonna be coming up one of these Sundays and bringing a few new players. By new, I mean very new. The more skilled of the two is an Akuma player who still isn’t fully aware of Akuma’s metagame, but plays surprisingly intelligently within the frame of what he <does> know. The other is the opposite, in which he reads a lot about AE, but doesn’t fully know how to apply it–he’s an Ibuki player.

So any advice for these guys when we come would we terrific. I’m trying to get them into the right mode of thinking before progressing into teaching them the finer points. They’re just now learning how to apply basic bnbs.


Yooooo! Somebody tell Frankie to get at me and check his inbox :slight_smile:


Someone going to post something about the tournament at Sunken Treasures on the 22nd of next month?

Boise’s planning a tournament in July, details can be found over in their thread: The IDAHO Thread


Resurrecting the thread! Posting for Cool Desert Fights on June 27, 2015.




Fuck came in