Tri-Jump Useless! use Square Jump instead!


Tri-jump takes too long and you need to wait for the peak of your jump. Square jump you can dash as soon as u leave the floor and attack 10times faster than the tri-jump.

But in the end, Sentinel’s S attack beats both attacks out. Good luck?




Uhh, you can’t fake an overhead and go low with a square jump as fast as you can with tri-jump. Also you can’t air dash as soon as you leave the ground, there’s a delay.


Depends on the character. For example, Trish benefits from square-dash H more than she does her Tri-jump. Phoenix and Iron Man for however, benefits from tri-jump more. Other characters that benefit from square-dash are Dante, Tron Bonne (j, a.d. H is ridiculous) and Spider-man since they don’t have 8way dashes.

There’s a slight delay but moreso if you super jump. Try doing a regular jump. I remember doing super-fast air-dash H’s this past Wednesday w/ Tron and Dante.


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