Tri Jump

I’ve been playing MVC2 for a week or so now and I’ve decided to learn Storm. From what I’ve read and seen the Tri Jump is a needed part of any Storm arsenal. However i’ve yet to find instruction on how to do a tri jump. If anyone knows could and would inform me of how to do this move i’d appreciate it.

jump, then airdash d/f, then do an attack…the faster you do it, the better.

most people use lk when they trijump with storm.

if you’re magneto, you might have problems doing it beacuse he’ll throw that stupid air fireball slash thing instead…just remember not to roll the joystick to df, cuz you’ll end up putting the input for that fireball thing. so bring it to neutral before you air dash down.

you don’t have to worry about storm though :wink:

i also found it easier to tri-dash with magneto but hitting fp before i dash, so the first fp is like a fake or whatever, and when i dash down again with fp that’s the real one. ah well builds more meter and i don’t do the stupid fireball

You may hit average skill players with fierce, dash, fierce, but there’s no way you’re going to hit GOOD players. Good players already train themselves to block tri-jump short, crouching shorts. Fierce, dash, fierce just isn’t nearly fast enough. If you don’t want to get the u, u/f, f fireball, don’t use punches. Tri-jump with short into crouching short or just use roundhouse. You shouldn’t be tri-jumping with fierce with magneto anyways when roundhouse has such a retarded hitbox.

^^^^^exactly. tri jumping with a fierce first is really really slow. it will only work if the person sucks, or was hit by supprise. and one of the things that makes a good player good. is blocking.

normal jump instead of super jumping! :smiley: no seriously, do a normal jump into a dash df hk/lk whatever. i notice that it catches ppls off guard. esp with storm. do the jump dash d/f hk…it has more range than ppls think.

How is that so? People get that damn wave thing when they try to do the tri jump motion itself. It’s not what attack they use, just people use a rolling motion and get that pink shit.

Tri jumping is for newbs. I am an expert and i would never trijump. One time i fought justin wong, and i won. Didn’t even use try jump., and i used servbot, roll, and dan.

tri jumping, hk,lk’s so own. You have such priorit. you trijump in with a hk land do a and then immediately tri jump to the other side, magnus can confuse the hell outta you, Tri jump might be his most dangerous weapon, if used right.

The fireball comes out when u try to dash, not when u try to attack. I used to do the fireball alot but i forced myself to always start the trijump with U/F instead of straight up and now its not a problem unless i mess up and forget.