Tri-Jumping in MvC3


So I’ve been starting to “expand my horizons” as for as MvC is concerned and I’m trying to pick of Doom. Of course most of his combos involve things like tri-jumps which I can’t do to save my life. So is there any tips that you guys could give?


Theres no tricks to tri-dashing, its just practice. Hold up forward, then down, and press 2 buttons to dash.


Dude just practice stop being Lazy. Lol


I kind of hate answers like this but there really is NO other answer to a question like that. There are some shortcuts for certain input techniques or hard combos, but 99% of the time if your question is “why is x so hard to pull off execution wise” the answer is going to be, “because you haven’t practiced it enough”.

Think of a fighting game like a sport - if you want to make sure sink a free throw each time, you better be practicing literal hours a week on that skill.


It is a pain, but you’ll get it.