Tri Mod...Is what I want to do possible

Ok this is what I’m trying to do. I’ve done plenty of dual mods in the past but now I want to attempt to have 3 PCBs in a arcade stick at once.

This is the plan.

What I want to do is combine a Toodles Chimp and a MC Cthulhu in to common ground 360 Joystick. The HORI VX SA to be specific. I want to do this so I can get the automatic switching between the 360 and PS3 as well as the multi console features. I figure the wiring would be similar to a dual mod where I would solder the Grounds, voltage, and button signals together.

Here is a simple diagram to illustrate what I am thinking of doing.

It is possible. However, if you could really wait a while, there’s this coming soon, new model Imp:

You could save yourself the ChImp PCB, and only need one RJ-45.

Having both a MC Cthulhu and a ChImp is redundant. Both the MC Cthulhu and the ChImp does PS3/PC. A ChImp is just a Cthulhu and a Imp in one package hence what its called a Chimp (CH from Cthulhu + Imp). If you can wait, Toodles is working on a new model IMP that handles switching automatically like the ChImp already does.

Instead of an RJ-45 you could use DB-15 and wire the Chimp USB D+ D- lines separate from the MC Cthulhu.

Drop the ChImp and do a MC Cthulhu + IMP + 360 PCB instead.

Wow that’s awesome! Had no idea this was in the works. I’ll wait patiently then.

Bro what are you talking about? I know that both can do PS3/PC but one can do muti console and the other can’t. The other can do automatic switching and the other setup can’t. The combination is so that you can achieve the best of both words.

You’re on a DB-15 trip, aren’t you? Heh.

Just wait for the redesigned IMP and save yourself the trouble. The wait for the chip will likely take almost as much time as trying to get the triple mod to work just for the automatic switching.

Yeah I know. I’m going to wait for it.

I was about to ask the same question as FlameIce… I wanted to tri-mod for PS3/X360 and PC. I do Have Ps1/2 and a Dreamcast, but then I would be asking for too much?

I do have a dead Hori FS3 stick (wireless only) that I wanted to change to USB and make an attempt to my **first **modding.

Any suggestions?

You want PS3, 360, PC, PSX, PS2, and DC? You should just look into MC Cthuhlu + 360 dual mod.

However, it’s a very advanced mod, not generally recommended for your first mod.

Thank you Nerr… I’ll look into it.
NOt sure what and where to buy still… i’m just doing my research.

However, I just thought, what would be easier would be to use straight PS1 (Preferably using a Dualshock1 controller PCB), and then getting converters to all the systems (Which they exist for all the systems you want

Are those converters external…? I mean, outside of the case.??

Yes, you plug a PSX controller into them, and then to the system you want. But the best rated controller PCB for conversion is DualShock 1/2, preferably 1.

Yea its possible

Just chiming in really quick. Back before the days of the mc cthulu I wanted to do the exact same thing and pulled it off. Stick has a dreamcast pcb, gamecube pcb, ps1 pcb, and xbox 360 pcb. Ended up with four cables coming out of it but the stick got the job done. Also had a pelican converter so it works on ps3.