Tri-State (OH/IN/KY)- Anyone want to help out with FGC Kickstarter Video?


This is cmr aka Esquire aka Kari.

I’m going to launch the kickstarter @ Season’s Beatings later this month for a new fightstick messenger bag, which i’m calling the Saya (Japanese word for Sword Scabbard)

In Navy and Carolina Blue -

In Red and Black -

But I need a kick ass video to play during the stream.

I’m going to shoot a quick vid with my NIkon 3100D.

I need some folks to try out the bag, (put it on, put their sticks in), and if there are any video editors that can help with that side, that’d be awesome.

And what do you get out of it? When I put up the kickstarter page, anybody who is in the flick gets a free t-shirt.

I’m gonna be at the next weekly @ Arcade Legends this Thursday.

PM me if you got any questions.




are you going to let people put their own designs on the bags?! I would definitely put miku on my bag it would be so kawaii ^_^. (Japanese word for “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”)


Most definitely. I changed the design.

  1. I added the protection box, instead of doing the channel. I just don’t like any part of the bag touching the stick or the buttons.

  2. The big flap has a zipper on 3 sides so that you can put stuff in it, but you can also embroider it without destroying the padding and protection. I’ll post pictures when I get it back from the photographer.

  • Cordura 1000D - same nylon the military uses
  • Quick Release Airplane buckle
  • 6 color ways
  • box protection - nothing touches the stick. (not like the capcom or the madcatz)
  • water bottle pocket
  • ipod phone pocket
  • zipper pocket
  • laptop divider

All made in the US of A.

Thanks for asking.