Trial 12 (s.mP -> EX zonk knuckle)

Does anyone know how to do trial 12 for cody? -> EX knuckle. I know how it’s supposed to be done, hold lp+hp for a second, press medium punch, then release the punches. But it’s not working. It doesn’t let me press med punch if I have the other two punches held down, but I can still use any other attack (kicks, focus attack). ???

you need to hold LP + HP ALONE, holding PPP doesn’t work since you also use mp. if you play with a controller it would look like SQUARE + R1, then press Triangle and let go of the former. x-box respectively X + RB or something. you could reconfig your controller if it’s to hard to press. if you do that allready, then your input device is broken. try to reconfig it aswell.