Trial 20 HELP!



I have completed all trials except 20-23 and im stuck. I cant for the life of me link the crouching mp to the rcf then focus. I got the timing of the first 3 hitz EZ but its the link between MP and the LP rcf that I cant connect. :frowning: Does anyone have an idea of what im doing wrong?


Noob answer : If the comes out but you can’t link it, you’re doing it too slow…
If it doesn’t come out, you’re doing it too fast…



well the mp comes out fine its th rcf im havin trouble with…i usually start charging 4 it either when I jump or after my first punch connects, but after that dan either blocks and i roll or I connect and come up empty. am I missing something? am I supposed to cancel mp into the lp rcf? im not sure I get how cancelling works


you charge db as soon as you jump. As soon as you press mp, you press foward lp to make the rcf…

101 canceling


thanks for the info it was definitely a cancellin problem. now just gotta do 21-23 :slight_smile:

#6 -> Light RCF is easy man…i do this all the time. And as soon as Light RCF hits, bring out the focus attack, but dont charger it, just tap the buttons


Well im woriking on the scarlet terror one now and can’t get my pinky to hit KKK in time for the last one. I’m pretty close I’m sure ill get it if I could just stop playing ranked


Well, good luck on #23. 1 frame links much?
Also, 300+ tries on that one on SF4 for me and no dice. 5th attempt on SSF4, I nail it, Go figure.


Trial 23?

Hey Vega brothers! Just wanna say thanks 4 the help i received from everyone in my previous post. With the insight u guys gave me, I managed to knock out all trials except 23. The 2nd standing lk is a BITCH to link and im wondering if anyone got some protips?


Dude I would swear on my life that something is different on that trial. (Trial 23 in Super and Hard Trial 5 in vanilla).

In vanilla, I could hit that thing in less than ten tries. I beat it almost everyday because I was in a habit of beating all five of Vega’s hard trials and then practicing CH > ST everyday before playing championship mode. I must have beat that trial 50+ times in vanilla. There were multiple days when I went into Vega’s fifth hard trial in vanilla and beat it the very first attempt.

Now in Super I have beaten Vega’s 23rd trial only twice, and both times that I attempted it, it took me MANY MANY attempts. I know the links or game speed didn’t change, but I swear, that shit FEELS different.


A bump because it was the most relevant thread to ask my question.

I’m having trouble with trial 20 also. Not with the link or anything like that – trouble with the EX Focus. I can EX Focus but it gets blocked (just tapping focus and letting go so it’s a quick hit right?). When Focus Canceling a L RCF by itself, it seems the focus only hits if I start the roll a quarter-screen or so away.

The only other trial I haven’t completed yet is the very last one. CH > Splendid Claw. Is there something I’m missing here or are my noob hands just not quick enough? It seems like the “Cosmic Heel” turns white again in exactly the time it takes to charge, not giving me any time to complete the motion.

Also just a general sort of question – Aside from Street Fighter II for the SNES when I was in elementary school, I’m new to the series as of Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Would it benefit me in any way to play through vanilla’s trials and other modes? I kind of figured it would just be confusing since it’s been rebalanced twice since then and a lot of move properties are different…


Trial 20, you’re supposed to press FA when the L rcf last attack hit at the same same time. (just tap focus)

Trial 24, best advices i have from me.
-Stay as close to Dan as possible when he is jumping, it just feels like Dan is being hit higher to me instead of using the tip of Vega foot from far away.
-cosmic heel dan at the highest point of his jump
-as soon as you DF.HK(Cosmic heel) you should instantly be holding DB by now
-watching the falling Dan focus on doing this motion (DB charge,DF,DB,DF+3k) after cosmic heel
-getting used to the motion to the U2 motion is the most important part obviously, don’t try to rush it so much after the cosmic heel, flow through the motion smoothly and you should get it. You’ll know when to input the motion right after you see dan falling from your move.

Your last question, pretty much almost all of the trials you see are from the vanilla SF4 are in SSF4AE12 and know you don’t need to play the trials or the other modes, there are a few practical combos you can take but, you can read all of that in the combo thread.


Thanks for the input.

Ok I was Focus Canceling after the first hit, that’s my problem number one.

I don’t have an issue doing the charge ultra; and I know to charge immediately – I even buffer a psuedo charge before the cosmic heel just to get myself in the mode of down back as my default then flick it down forward, press K to CH, and immediately flick it back in one motion. I have no problem going L ST to EX ST or getting the Splendid Claw off after a Focus Attack. Just need to practice it more I guess, but it does help to know that I should be getting close as possible.