Trial 23 is so hard... need help

im stuck on this trial, i found the run stop fierce much easier to complete. just cant link very well after the shower kick. I need this to complete 100% of all trials!

Thanks in advance

You can add a standing jab before the standing short. (Showerkick > jabstring > short is one of my favorite link combos…)
Shower kick > standing lp is a 2frame link instead of a 1frame…Making this a LOT easier. I just booted up challenge mode and did it with a jab, the game allows extra inputs, “Success!”

(SRK forums bugged out on my when I posted this…hardcore, so if this message appears more than once delete, or I’ll delete when they surface.)

thanks man! gonna try it out soon

Also take in mind that standing Jab > Short is also a 1 frame…and while this may seem pointless, I have to specify that not all 1 framers are equally difficult, and showerkick has an awkward timing to it…

This is the best advice I can give you though, good luck dude.

i finally did it… experimented with st jab>cr short which was easier, but managed do it the way the trial ask. prob was a fluke… but ill take it. 100% trials done!