Trial 23 of Fuerte *has* to be an inside joke for Capcom



The 1-frame link timing in this is impossible. I can manage to do 6 RSF (yeah it may not be super pro…but I feel like it means something - So, if I can do Trial 24, why is Trial 23 virtually impossible and lacking in any improvement over hours of playing this fucking challenge mode.

However, there is no way to practice this well enough, do it sucessfully on the fly in an actual game. Anyone who says it’s all in the rhythm has to understand that even notes at 100 bpm aren’t this difficult to pull off on an instrument. The links are too godamn precise for the reward it gives you. Hell, if the reward was an instant KO it still wouldn’t work because this shit is just too impossible to do. Sorry…just so fucking frustrated with this. RSF stuff is great, but linking into sometimes requires these stupid links. So fucking frustrated.


It’s to show you he has legit link combos.


I just can’t do them. This isn’t a matter of me practicing. I literally cannot learn from positive feedback, because the negative feedback (me doing the link but missing) and the positive feedback (the rare instance it hits) is at least 1 frame apart. I can’t do it!

I practiced the hell out of RSF - and now it’s second nature. This linking shit is not even in the same level as that.


Honestly I dont see any use in that combo. Stick to RSF/RScrMK. the only link I think is worth anything is: Shower Kick link crLP, chain cr or standing LK, link crMK xx run.


I finished trial 23 and I dont even play this piece of shit game

wanted to see what the “fuss” was about:sleep:


If u double tap then plink its not hard at all. You are right though it is a hard link for no reward that u will never use in a match unless your stylin. So stop getting frustrated friend and just work on your game and things you will use.

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trial mode Kappa


Thanks for the advice. I’ve been watching spab matches where he links and buffers runs seamlessly together. Just feel like for how much I practice, I’m not even a fraction of the way there


I don’t think it’s specific to ElF lol, Sakuray #23 is one of the harder combos you could even attempt on the character and 24 is just a standard BnB that is one of the first things you learn to do on her.


Sorry the Trial isnt useful, but not very hard either.


Dude I finished the trials for all characters in AE, nothing that hard with fuerte