Trial 24



Hey guys noob here,
I have always liked fighting games but wanna take it to the next level. I really suck so I thought doing trials would help me get some fundamentals down. I like makoto and I want her to me my main, but I just can’t for the life of me connect the ultra to the super on her trial 24. Hayate cancel is easy and I get the two frame link afterwards like 80% of the time, but the ultra ALWAYS whiffs. I’ve tried mashing and that doesn’t seem to work. Is there any visual cue maybe to look for as for when I should press the punch buttons? When is the earliest possible frame that the ultra can come out? Also, any training advice for getting better at fighting games in general would be appreciated, I really suck at everything from guarding to footsies to not jumping.


I never understood why the Ultra whiff sometimes, but try doing it outside the corner.


It doesn’t whiff for me. You don’t ever need to mash, this isn’t mahvel. just cancel it sooner and they aren’t knock as far away from you.


So after 2 days of being stuck on the ultra whiffing I finally got it. It was out of the corner and I didn’t mash I just timed it. Thanks guys, really happy about beating that trial.


Oh I missed this thread. Sorry. There is a reason the ultra often whiffs in trial mode.

Trial mode uses Super Makoto vs AE Makoto. In Super, there was a weird push back effect on Makoto’s forward dash. They’ve since fixed it, but it’s very noticeable in trial mode. If you dash up to Dan, then walk forward, you’ll see that you aren’t point blank. And if you are point blank, then dash forward, you won’t be point blank anymore.

If you aren’t as close as possible, you will end up being too far away for the ultra to connect after the hayate cancel. To ensure the ultra hits 100%, dash up to Dan, then walk forward until you’re as close as possible before starting the combo.


so after years of playing makoto, I’ve taken this advice and I finally beat trial 24! lol I did it on my 2nd try… the gap after you dash is VERY noticeable. this just reminds me of how inadequate super makoto is.