Trial 7... How

I just can’t. And I thought the Karin trial 6 was bad…

Ah yes, I can’t do this one either :frowning:

Edit: Just did it, there are a few tricks to it:

Here are the steps:
1 - jhk
2 - neutral hp and immediately hold down-back. If you input the hp a little early and let the frame buffer give you an extra few frames of charge it is a lot easier.
3 - 2 frame pause, then cmp. you have 8 frames to do a 6 frame move.
4 - A little pause then hp.boom. You can’t cancel into boom immediately as you won’t have the charge for it.
5 - cancel boom into ca immediately.

You basically have to press the st.hp while you’re still kinda landing so the input buffer converts it into a proper st.hp and already start charging at this point and then you link (and cancel) the cr.mpvery late so you get enough time to charge for the boom.

Apropos I’m not really sure why Capcom thought it would be a good idea to give Chun and Guile the most difficult combos in the game when they were all about removing difficult execution in SFV. Some of those late cancels are absolutely on par with 1f links in terms of difficulty.

You don’t have to, as you can also do the combo from a raw st.hp, but it does make it easier.

The delay between the and boom is key.

They really aren’t. Making the combo system easier isn’t the same as removing any sort of execution. There’s no character even close to fuerte or viper in this game, and every combo in sf5 can be performed online with a less than perfect connection (except perhaps the 1f links that still exist).

Having difficulty with a combo on the very first day doesn’t mean anything.

People had trouble with this? His SF4 combos are much harder with execution. Nailed all 10 challenges within 5 minutes

I decided to try this trial since 2 & 3 are giving me a headache. Surprisingly, I did trial 7 on my 3rd attempt lol. The cr. Lp into sonic boom or somersault kick is giving me the most trouble. I always end up doing spinning back knuckle from cr. Lp

Here’s a trick from SFIV that still works: If you hold up+back during the jump-in and press HP with good timing when landing you’ll get the s.HP instead of b.HP, allowing you to easily keep your charge.

Another trick to add is to double tap medium punch. That second tap creates the delay to get the charge for boom.

My stick broke and I won’t have another until Tuesday. I was desperate so I had to play guile on pad at launch. First time I played SF on pad and I still did the trials that night after getting used to the crazy PS4 pad (hell, I used the analog).

Stuff like this mostly comes down to SF fundamentals and little tricks to help out like the one Doopliss mentioned.

step 1. git
step 2. gud

While I don’t think their combos are as difficult as you make them out to be, the reason for them (and Karin with her optimal juggles as well) to have slightly more difficult combos than the rest of the cast has probably to do with them having the strongest neutral game. Nash of course being an exception with his easy mode combos and hit-confirms.

Thats not at all how double tapping works.

He’s implying that by doing the double tap, even though the input isn’t doing anything, is creating the natural delay needed before cancelling for the boom.

What on earth are you talking about? lol

Krandor311 understands. It’s very simple to create little timing input tools to hit your combos.

Hell, I am doing this 100% on day 1 PS4 pad. I have been playing exclusively on stick since for 25 years.

You do need to get this combo down, it’s not hard, and you get DMG reward like a boss.

It certainly took me a while to figure out the timing, but don’t let that stuff stop you. There is always some way to make it easier.

I can post more when I get my stick repaired but in the meantime there are plenty of ways/shortcuts/tips to make you combos easier and your timing more consistent.

FYI - learn that combo timing but end with Somersault Kick and do 294 DMG no meter.

Take it to Survival Mode and have fun :slight_smile:

stupid easy combo with this tip, thank you.

Cool. Do you think that’s the way they intend to do it?

Personally I found starting with St.HP I never got the combo ever. But I think as you can press St.HP a little earlier if coming in with the jumping HK that grants just enough time to charge the boom. (Well that’s my theory at least)